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5 Baby Gifts for a New Dad you know in 2019

Original Organic Pocket Wrap Carrier

5 Baby Gifts for a New Dad  you know this Fathers Day

Baby Gifts are traditionally focused on what a new mother would need or like. But what if the special person in your life  that was about to become a dad was your son, your brother, your husband, your colleague or your friend? If  you would like to get a New Dad in your lif a special gift that  he would particularly love. Here are 5 great ideas and the reasons  why.


  1. The Organic Cotton Baby Carrier: A New Dad will love a baby carriers. It helps them feel the closeness that a mum naturally feels in pregnancy. The more a dad gets to hold his baby,  the more involved he gets in daily caring roles. Keep that in mind this father’s  day.
  2. Grandparents Memory Book: This is a practical task that allows dads to connect with their child’s grandparents and create a lasting keepsake for their child.
  3. Baby Record Book: Our Baby Journal has no gender constraints so you can create a very personalised record that does not mention mum or dad unless you want to use these words.  Printed on recycled stock, this will help a new dad create a precious book of memories, milestones and firsts.
  4. Baby Swimmers &  Sunscreen: Give a gift that dad can look forward to using with his  baby. Baby Swimming is the perfect new dad activity
  5. Classic Eco Friendly Baby Toys: A mother rightly has all the attention in the early months so giving a new dad a toy is a fun way to welcome him to fatherhood and all the playtimes to come.

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