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5 Things Dad wants on Father’s Day

We have an office of all women here at Nature’s Child so when having a discussion today about what we’ll  do for Fathers Day,  we got some surprising responses. There is a general agreement that on Mother’s Day, we want a day off to be pampered and just sleep, rest and play. But when it comes to fathers day traditionally, it’s been the opposite. The tradition went more like this, “here you are, it’s fathers day, spend time with your kids. This attitude was more a result of the traditional father working, mother at home story.  This does not apply to millennial fathers as much as previous generations. These days, fathers are often doing just as much as mums so look forward to a day off too.

Being a Byron Bay Brand, we  have to mention one of our fave Fathers Chris Hemsworth. He recently impressed one of our team when he said in an interview, something along the lines that ‘ his wife Elsa Patakay was a great help with the kids’ It felt like a real millennial moment to hear a dad talk like this.

All the studies are telling us that Working Mums Still do more than Working Dads when it comes to housework. But that was not the feeling in our office! So we all came up with 5 fabulous things that we would all do on Fathers Day. We hope you love one of them and get inspired!

Before we get to that list, here’s a quick nod to the traditional handmade craft gift. Our top pick was the mobile phone holder. It is simple to make and leaves lots of room for personalising. Give it a go and let us know how you get on!

5 Things Dad wants on Father’s Day

Acknowledgement for his dad super power.

We all need a little thanks and acknowledgement so we agreed the first thing to make sure Dad gets on Father’s Day is a thank you. Not just for being a great dad which is a bit general. Have a think about the very specific reasons you love your dad and make sure you put them on that card or in that speech you will make.

The Father’s Day Sleep In

Every day, one parent gets up for the kids while one gets to sleep in. Father’s Day should definitely be the day that dad gets to sleep in. If he is not the sleeping kind, then just make it clear that whatever time he wakes that will make him happy is one of his Father’s Day Gifts.

Get Together with  Friends & Family

Finishing a day knowing you had fun and laughter is a wonderful feeling. Why not plan ahead for a picnic or lunchtime dinner and games with a few other families, maybe even your own siblings, parents or cousins if they are nearby

A Walk in Nature for Father’s Day

There is something about a walk in Nature that makes connecting with your family all the more special. Nature Walks ground us and connect us to our hearts and bodies in a unique way. As a great songwriter once said, the best things in life are free!

Spending the day with his favourite hobby

One of the things we all give up as a parent is our favourite hobby. We certainly do it less if we don’t entirely give it up. How about purchasing a gift voucher for their favourite thing they have not done for a long time. Or Just carving out some time to make sure dad gets a surf or whatever his favourite fun time thing he deserves. Doing great things we love help us all feel connected to our sense of self. Make sure Dad knows that you know what he loves on Father’s Day.

We hope we have given you some great idea’s. If you looking for a gift for a new dad or dad to be, then we can recommend these personal favourites from  Nature’s Child.

If  you have a New Dad in your life and would like to buy him a special gift, visit our  5 Top Gifts for New Dads List Here

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