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A million nappies and 500,000 coffee cups are binned each day in Ireland

Disposable Nappy Waste

This Headline Grabbed Me Today!

 A million nappies and 500,000 coffee cups are binned each day according to RTE, Irelands National TV and Radio Broadcaster reported by Lynne Kelleher

Turns out, this is one headline to advertise the Irish equivalent of our Aussie Show the War on Waste. Many of us in the cloth nappy industry wrote to ABC asking the to include Nappies in their Terrific War on Waste Series but sadly, nappies were not included.

I was very happy to see that Ireland did not shy away from mentioning nappy waste.

The Irish Documentary screening in the UK at the moment is about to enter it’s second show. The documentary tracks Irelands waste over a single 24-hour period – One Day: How Ireland Cleans Up – goes behind the scenes with people whose job it is to clean up after people who just leave their waste behind.

The documentary reveals the mountains of trash binned every day – including a million nappies. There, someone finally said it!      The documentary series reveals that it takes an army of 44,000 workers to clean the whole country daily.

According to the Irish documentary, Ireland uses half a million toilet rolls and wash 700,000 machine-loads of clothes in a single day. 500,000 disposable coffee cups, 220,000 plastic bottles of water and a staggering 1.5 million aluminium cans are thrown out every day. Combined, Irish households generate a staggering 7,500 tons of rubbish and spend €360,000 on household cleaning products and flush away 400 million litres of water. These are staggering figures and they are just one country!

Careless contamination of recycling bins comes across as the biggest frustration.

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Disposable Nappies Waste UK

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