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Every woman plans to breastfeed but not every woman can. It is clearly the best option for both mum and baby with mountains of research supporting this view. If you cannot breastfeed, its good to know that you can still get all the benefits from bottle feeding with the right support and right products.

When we came across MINBIE teats recently, I have to say we were extremely impressed. That someone had understood the importance of breastfeeding as much as the importance of alternatives to mimic breastfeeding felt like a really special discovery.

Speaking to the lovely family about their 13yrs of research on this product confirmed my intuition that this product was a true revolution for newborns who needed a bottle full time or even part time.

With Minbie, babies can feed intuitively with the technique that is developmentally right for them and that helps release digestive enzymes for proper digestion of the milk

For these reasons, I am proud to offer Minbie in the Nature’s Child Organic Baby Range. We do not add new products lightly around here. Our entire philosophy is about supporting natural parenting and avoiding unnecessary products that get in the way of bonding and Natural Physiological Functions. Minbie meets this criteria and I am thrilled for the new parents out there who can take advantage of this product. Click here to discover all that we did about Minbie.

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