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When it comes to Baby Products, what does Natural and Organic mean?

What does organic mean?

Have you purchased an ‘organic’ product lately? How did you know if it was biodynamic, natural or organic? The Label?

Today I would like to simplify the terms Natural and Organic when it comes to organic skincare and organic baby products. This quick and simple guide aims to inform and empower you as a parent who is looking for the very best for their baby.

Being an empowered consumer is increasingly important when there are less ethical companies using the words Natural and Organic to sell a product rather than actually describe the purity level or ingredient focus of their ethical product.

As a new parents, we all love a good baby bargain. We like the best baby products at the cheapest price. While this is sometimes possible, price is actually one of the ways you can tell a product must have a mix of some natural ingredients but plenty of non natural cheap fillers.

When it comes to baby skincare, anything under $10 needs a lot of scrutiny! It usually has a mix of natural and non natural ingredients to achieve this price. Remember, a product can have the word organic and natural on the label with only one little ingredient that is mixed with standard cheap ingredients.

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You can face serious consequences in Australia if products that have been labelled ‘organic’ are not in fact organic. While Australia has laws that protect customers from being misled about goods and services they purchase, there is a real grey area when it comes to natural products.

The most common example of this in skincare is “derived from coconuts” It makes it sounds natural but “derived” indicates a lot more is going on. Another example is Vodka. This alcoholic drink could be called natural when it starts being made from potatoes, but a lot happens in the processing and the additives before it ends up in a bottle called Vodka. Is it still natural?

In many cases, “organic” is used inappropriately but it is a grey area. Annie Gunn explains the organic labelling certification requirements

A business in Australia is not allowed to make statements or representations that are incorrect or are likely to create a false impression in the mind of the consumer. This protection is managed by the ACCC and the TGA. But how is this managed or policed? If you don’t place an official complaint or question for the ACCC to investigate, a lot of companies simply get away with it.

In 2018, the first baby skincare company was fined for incorrect labelling. The business was built on huge supermarket and pharmacy distribution over a 15 yr period but it was only after 15 yrs and an official complaint being made that they were fined. You can read the ACCC ruling on Gaia Baby Skincare here.

It is actually up to us as consumers to be aware and question labels. There is no official approval process for any product to go through. There are guidelines to follow but no company has to get their label “checked” before they print and make it look pretty on a shelf. Shocking right?

Natural Nipple Cream Look for the LOGO!

There is no one out there doing it for you. Until there is! That is the role of concerned citizen groups, families and communities. To question authority, to express concern and to use the right channels to complain or question. We are lucky to have formal complaint bodies in Australia. But we still have to take the first step to question.

Having said that, there are private companies that offer an independent certification service. Nature’s Child Baby Skincare Products uses ACO. Australian Certified Organic. We voluntarily put our products through a process of scrutiny and certification so that our customers have independent verification of our product claims, organic ingredient claims, GMO free claims. We call it Truth on Label.

This should not have to be something special! But sadly it is. You can look for this ACO logo on other products too. Always look for this logo if a label says organic. Be an aware consumer!

Organic Baby Skincare
ACO 12013 Nature’s Child Organic Baby Skincare

Related ReadingNature’s Child Organic Certification

It is why sell via the Inner Origin shopping platform with multiple shopping categories that has an approval system before a product can be sold. Inner Origin is the only company in the world that has a panel of 12 experts to verify claims on the product – they call it Truth on Label. Ambassadors of Inner Origin include Peter Evans, Therese Kerr and David Wolfe.

Another grey area are products like Bamboo. I have seen Bamboo called organic and natural. Bamboo baby productshave seen a huge rise in popularity for the belief that they are natural.

Some companies do check that their bamboo source is certified as free from harmful pesticides but most bamboo starts as a beautiful plant but is processed with all sorts of chemicals to end up with that soft fabric that you think is natural.

It is why we don’t stock bamboo baby products. Any exceptions we make have their production sources checked and we never call them organic. It is simply not true.

So lets get to what Organic actually means and how you can tell a real organic baby product vs a fake organic product.

Here are 4 terms you need to get to know and understand as an ethical consumer.

What is NATURAL?

does not mean much. Renee Loux wrote a great article on this for Women’s Health Magazine.

There is no standard or derivative and is very difficult to police. She says “Some companies and brands create their own internal standards for “natural” claims, which may or may not have real credibility”


Biodynamic farming treats the farm as one whole organism with the soil as the foundation. It is a very wholistic approach to farming that includes the humans that farm the land. Biodynamic farming uses a closed-loop system which means everything that goes into growing crops comes from the farm itself. This results in a very rich soil system which means nutritionally, this is the most superior and nutritionally rich food to consume.

What is ORGANIC ?

Organic farming is similar to biodynamic farming in that no conventional chemical fertilisers are introduced, but they will normally ‘feed’ the plants and soils with organic manures and approved organic fertilisers that are set by the ACO Standards.  Organic agents are still used to protect plants from pests and disease, but these are approved organic sources from the ACO, who routinely audit farms to ensure they are complying with their strict standards.

Australian Certified Organic (ACO) is Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce and has over 1500 operators within its certification system. ACO is a not for profit fully-owned subsidiary of Australia Organic Ltd.

ACO provides certification services to operators from all sectors of the organic industry. Certification ensures compliance with national production standards and allows trace back of all products to their origin. This is why our Nature’s Child Organic Baby Products are certified with the ACO for your peace of mind.

What is GMO FREE ?

Non-GMO means non-genetically modified organisms. GMOs (genetically modified organisms), are novel organisms created in a laboratory using genetic modification/engineering techniques. Scientists and consumer and environmental groups have cited many health and environmental risks with foods containing GMOs. You can read more about GMO free and why it is important for our ecosystem. The Nature’s Child Bio Liners use GMO free material. This means they are just a few dollars dearer than similar brands in on line baby stores. If you can afford the few extra dollars, you can see why we think this is worth it.

I hope this very brief summary of natural and organic helps you navigate the world of baby products when you are shopping for your baby. We are just so proud at the high standards we set for you and for the baby world.

We have always had a very simple but important mission here at Nature’s Child.

  1. To set the standard for the purest baby products possible.

  2. To ensure parents knew the difference between safe, natural and organic by having an independent certification so anyone could verify our organic claims instead of hoping the label was truthful.

  3. Ultimately and most importantly, our purpose is to ensure that our children can enjoy the health and nutritional benefits of the very Organic Baby Products available and especially the very best Organic Baby Skincare

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The Meaning and Origin of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is credited to Anna Jarvis after the death of her own mother in 1908. She conceived the idea as a way of honouring the sacrifices mothers made for their children. She organised the first celebration at a church in West Virginia USA. After the huge success, she successfully lobbied to politicians and the media at the time to have Mother’s Day recognised on the National Calendar.

In 1914, the second Sunday in May was officially named Mother’s Day under a proclamation from US President Wilson. Anna Jarvis envisioned the holiday as a day for everyone to visit their mother and to wear a white carnation as this was her mother’s favourite flower. Soon after, card companies and florists began to capitalise on the popularity of the day.

As the tradition of gifting carnations on Mother’s Day grew, carnation colors took on new symbolism. White carnations are meant to honor the memory of deceased mothers while red and pink carnations honour those who are living.

In 1920, Anna was so horrified by the commercialisation of Mother’s Day that she launched a law suit against companies who started to use the term mother’s day in their sales. This was clearly unsuccessful.

Mother’s Day continues to be a holiday celebrated around the world. Australia follows the US tradition of the second Sunday in May.  In the United Kingdom, Mother’s Day (also known as ‘Mothering Sunday’) is celebrated in England, Scotland and Ireland on the fourth Sunday in Lent so the date changes every year.

Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world from as early as March in the UK to December in Indonesia. Every country has a different meaning for the date but at the end of the day, it is all to honour mother’s.

You can avoid the commercialism by hand making a card or giving love in action on mother’s day. It is not about the gift. If you talk to most mums, it is fun to get a gift but the fact of feeling honoured for a day is enough gratitude.

So on this Mother’s Day, however you celebrate, I wish you some precious time of feeling valued and loved today.

Article by Jannine Barron

Acknowledgements to Dani Smallwood for the inspiration and – PBB Media among other sources.

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LOVE your CUB Silicon Baby Teething Toy

Nature’s Child is proud to add this gorgeous peace loving silicon baby teething toy to our range of simple, affordable baby teething toys and teething rings. These will be a hit with all eco loving parents. We love the Peace Symbol and Soft Mint Colour of this Teething Toy which will suit some or the blue which has a little more brightness.  Design inspired by the timeless teething ring concept for babies, this is a wonderful non-toxic solution made from silicone.

This plastic free baby teether is easy to hold.  8cm diameter and  comes in a lovely gift box as well. Available in Mint or Blue colour. Find this NEW toy along with all our other baby teething toys at this LINK.

Signs of teething

  • Rosy, flushed cheeks.
  • Increased dribbling.
  • Tugging at ears.
  • Chewing on everything.
  • Tender swollen gums.
  • Irritability.
  • Disturbed sleep.
  • Poor appetite.
  • Loose, frequent stools.
  • Sore red bottom or rash.

When does teething begin?

Babies can get their first tooth anywhere between 3–15 months, but commonly between 4–9 months – although discomfort may start earlier. Dribbling at 3–4 months is usually as a result of your baby learning to put things in their mouth, which is part of normal development.

What can you do to help relieve teething pain?

  • Note: Generally, teething does not cause a fever. If your baby has a high temperature, see your doctor.
  • Rub your baby’s sore gums gently with your finger.
  • Give your baby a teething ring – either a soft rubber one, or the plastic type that are cooled in the refrigerator.

What not to do when baby is teething

  • Don’t dip dummies or teething rings in honey or sweet foods, as it may lead to dental decay (and honey shouldn’t be given to babies under 12 months for health reasons).
  • Don’t suck your baby’s dummy and give it back to them, as you will transfer bacteria from your mouth to theirs.

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10 Easy Ways to Stop Pollution and Save a fortune along the way

10 Easy Ways to Stop Pollution and Save a fortune along the way!

Below we list 10 absolute essentials all new parents buy. So before we begin, I need to first teach you the “stuff test” which is a little test I made up to help you every time you shop for anything, not just baby products.

The “stuff test” is 5 simple questions that help you assess if an item is essential or a pollutant.

Q1: Where was it made? – Was someone paid a fair wage and how many air miles got it here?

Q2: What is it made of? Is it biodegradable? Toxin Free? Environmentally Friendly?  Is it plastics ( polyester, nylon included ) Was bleach or fire retardants used? How was it farmed?

Q3: Can the item be resold, repurposed? If its an essential item? Can recycle or reuse this item?

Q4: How will I dispose of this item after use? Will that make pollution? Can I break up parts of it to be recycled or repurposed?

Q5: Is this item essential or just desired? Don’t get me wrong, decorations are great if they will make you feel joy –  but does it pass the 4 questions above and how much joy will you or baby really get out of it in the long term? Maybe holding it in the shop or staring at it on line is enough joy? LOL – worth asking!

If you apply these 5 questions above to any baby purchase you make –  you are actively part of the solution by preventing pollution. 


  1. DON’T BUY “STUFF you don’t need. Baby Shops are full of things that look cute and tempt you but apply the “stuff test” above every time
  2. Breast Pads – Reusable Breast Pads are 100% biodegradable if organic cotton or bamboo only. Avoid brands that add nylons, PUL or other layers that don’t biodegrade. Bonus: Save $250 by reusing instead of throwing away
  3. Baby Wipes – There is a whole generation of parents who are born to parents who used disposables so many new parents actually think the throw away ones are the only option. Reusable baby wipes are super easy to use, easy to wash and Bonus: An average saving of $900 if you use cloth wipes not disposable wipes
  4. Nappies – Before you run for the hills in horror at the thought of cloth nappies. Consider this. 1 – Have you actually tried them? 2 – If you did – did you have the right support to continue? 3 – Did you know it is $5000 cheaper per child to use cloth instead of disposable. Lets call this one the MASSIVE BONUS!!
  5. EQUIPMENT HIRE before you buy or instead of buying – 50% of new parents buy a pram they don’t like as soon as their baby is born. If you can borrow, hire or get gifted a pram, carseat or cot, I strongly recommend this before committing to your own purchase.
  6. Baby Shower – this wonderful, fun activity is often the cause for much pollution. Well meaning friends create games and food that ends up in the bin after the “fun” is over. When planning your baby shower, create a theme around essentials and cloth reusable products. Your girlfriends and relatives will roll their eyes but they will end up being inspired by you once they see it all make sense.
  7. Gifts – people are going to give them. You can pretend not to mention the elephant in the room but they are right now, out there, buying you something so why not find a subtle, happy way of letting them know you only want organic, cloth or reusable. Go on…you can do it, get that chatty friend or sister to do the dirty work for you and let them spread the word if you are not comfortable with this.
  8. Clothes People love to give cute baby clothes and I say great! Get that chatty friend to let them know only organic cotton – rather than them just thinking you are a born again hippy, I find it helps to explain that chemical free and will prevent excess and allergies, people seem to respond well to that!
  9. Bedding – Off gassing from mattresses is a real thing. Plastic may seem a practical solution for a child’s bed but the off gassing and toxic nature of plastic is not worth it. There are wool underlays that do the job way better! Seek out Natural Mattress Solutions. It’s really common these days to find latex, bamboo, organic cotton mattress solutions. Get a new bed for yourself if you can afford it, you will all be spending a lot of time there! Well, I hope so.
  10. Nappy Change Table – get one that can turn into a cupboard or other useful family furniture item rather than a specific one if possible. Mind you, they have good resale value if you have the room for one.

So Congratulations – if you followed these 10 points you are now officially a revolutionary! And all you had to do was shop…which is what you were going to do anyway.

Parents have a big responsibility to save waste if we don’t change.

THANK YOU! –  Your kids and our planet thank you for  being a conscious shopper

Article by Jannine Barron

Want to read what others have to say about Jannine and Nature’s Child?







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Welcome to Natures Child Organic Baby Shopping

Welcome to Nature’s Child.

Thanks for being part of the solution – We are proud to simplify on line shopping for you with the very best Toxin Free – Zero Waste – Ethical Natural & Organic Baby Products 

We are so excited that you are joining our Organic Tribe of Parents.

It means YOU KNOW you can impact this beautiful world for your little one, just by how you shop for them.

At Nature’s Child, we help you to: BUY LESS BUY ORGANIC (toxin free!) SHOP SUSTAINABLY for baby and beyond.

You can always afford the best when you buy less. We take your trust in us seriously, after all, there is a reason we have been around since 2000 and proud to be Australia’s First Organic Baby Store and one of the very first baby stores on the internet.

We don’t aim to be the biggest but we do aim to be the best. Our customers tell us how relieved they are to find a shop that focuses ONLY WHAT YOU NEED.

Our Customers feel part of the solution when they buy products THAT DON’T MAKE POLLUTION

As we like to say around here…there is NO Planet B. so we really do have to look after the one we’ve got!

Let’s face it, there is “stuff you NEED” to look after a new baby and “stuff you WANT” – the trick with so much web browsing and hash tagging and cuteness abounding is to decipher the difference between NEED and WANT. This is where we SHINE at Nature’s Child.

And we are HAPPY to BOAST about it.

Organic Parenting, Eco Parenting, Natural Parenting, …whatever you call your tribe you connect with, if you are still reading this article then I know you care about our planet and you want to take action to ensure a beautiful world for your gorgeous kids. GREAT….you are in the right place!

5 easy steps to get started with organic parenting

STEP 1. Tick…you found us, congratulations!

STEP 2. Join our Organic Tribe on the home page for your FREE GIFT code giving you access to our introduction videos and blogs to guide you from here to where you want to be. You also get free access to all special offers, helpful articles and free stuff that we find for you.

STEP 3. Download our Baby Checklist to discover what is essential. If you are still pregnant, download our Birth Checklist that is suitable for everyone including homebirth, birth centres and hospital. And YES DADS, partners and support crew…you are on that list!

STEP 4.  Our Ultimate Guide to Cloth Nappies is a must read. Even if you use disposables, at leat you can say you did the research so come on a good read will get you started. will help you decide if cloth is right for you or not. Just be open minded and then still do what you choose after reading it. Whether you have decided for or against Cloth Nappies, this article is still a must read. It is the most comprehensive article on cloth nappies you will ever come across. As Australia’s first cloth nappy on line retailer and first organic cotton manufacturer of nappies in Australia, we know a thing or two. I was president of the Australian Nappy Association in 2016 and remain a founding member of the Australian Nappy Association.

STEP 5. Pre register to get our NEW PARENT GUIDE…it’s nearly ready! Choose start your journey here or from our home page anytime. We take you step by step through how to live simply and stick to your values without buying more than you need. This suits all budgets and includes our bonus chapter HOW TO PREPARE FOR MOTHERHOOD & PARENTING on any budget BY ONLY BUYING STUFF YOU NEED. There are even BONUS tips on being resourceful if you have a limited budget. Once this article is finished in EBOOK in 2018 we will send it to you if you register above.

How to Spot Fake organic marketing!

What we notice out there in the land of internet searching and green-washing is that there is a lot of FAKE eco and organic marketing. With such pretty natural colours and organic claims, how are you supposed to know what is really natural and what is not? That’s where we can help. The Guide above will talk you through this and so will our webinar so just click on article or webinar depending on your preference to read or watch. What the hec….do both! currently being updated…link to come soon –

You see, our owner, Jannine Barron, ( that’s me!) scrutinizes all the products before we place them on the Nature’s Child Website. We never use the word organic unless we have verified this our suppliers with appropriate certification. If we can’t, we let you know it is “made with organic cotton” versus “certified organic cotton” which is verifiable. That way, you know anything you buy is OKAY and truthfully labelled! I mean, who has time to read labels, search forums and get a headache trying to find out what is real and what is fake marketing? You just need a website that you can trust and after 18 yrs. of on line shopping, we reckon we have the track record that other eco stores on line don’t. PROUD as punch!

Nature’s Child has a great track record that you can trust. Imagine us standing up from the computer right now and taking a bow. Yes…I really did do that I’m so damn proud.

Saving the World has to be FUN!! or you won’t do it!

EASE AND JOY…that’s our reference point for you when designing our website and choosing our products.

Shop for your little ones – get what you need – and get off the computer so you can go and play and swim and do all that groovy stuff that makes parenting and childhood worthwhile. All with a big smile on your face because you know that the shop you just did made the biggest impact possible on our planet by shopping ethically and naturally.

Did you ever think you would be a revolutionary?

 You are now if you shop with us! Each and every one of us can be a wild revolutionary and save this planet just by how we shop! You may think you need to hold a rally, lobby government and corporations, write letters and all that time consuming stuff that you wish you had more time to do – well, all those things certainly make an impact and we love to participate in lobbying and education on your behalf but changing the way you shop has more impact than any of those things. Truly! Every Little Bit Counts!

Every Little Bit Counts!

Every single product that exists in this world, every item of clothing, all food you eat, every travel experience, every toy, every car, every medical formula, every health tonic…absolutely everything that you use, drive or live in right now has been made.! Well, that might sound obvious BUT the most important question is…how was it made and what happens to it at the end of its life? Is it sustainable?

I have dedicated the last 22 yrs. of my life to Natural Parenting both in practice raising my two sons and in products by what we make for our “needs” Our products also use ingredients and materials that use natural resources but here are the 4 ways where we shine and differ to other brands so that you can relax and stop spending hours researching.

1 – Nature’s Child Organic Baby Products are made by someone who was paid fairly – I still can’t believe I have share this as something special, isn’t that a human right?

2 – Nature’s Child Organic Baby Products are packaged in a way that STOPS pollution and can be 100% recycled. Most companies use cheap plastic tubes have the potential that leach chemicals – not us! We are almost plastic free and continue to work towards 100% in this lifetime.

3 – ZERO WASTE – you will use every drop and inch of our products due to the packaging design giving you access to every single drop. No 10 – 15% wastage like most plastic tubes!

4 – When we say its Organic…we mean CERTIFIED ORGANIC by ACO or GOTS so you can independently verify our claims. Check every packet or bottle of ours for the logo and Certification number. This is a voluntary action on our part. Yes, a bit expensive and time consuming but worth it so you know our claims are independent, not just marketing speak. If you currently use a brand claiming to be organic and natural, it’s possibly not if they don’t have certification. Check any ingredients in any product you use with to ensure you are using a truly non toxic product.

That’s it! EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT made by Nature’ s Child ticks those 4 boxes.

If we all made a decision to stop buying the stuff that’s killing our planet and damaging our health, and buy the stuff that is essential, simple and beautiful to keep life thriving, our planet is going to make it with ease!

This attitude results in less waste, better mental and physical health, more fun, less expenses, less waste and more joy. Yup! It’s that simple!

Change the World, One Purchase at a time

 Back in 2001, I wrote the phrase, lets “change the world, one purchase at a time” This simple phrase has guided the development of Nature’s Child. You see to change your life, you just need to change your shopping habits and your health and happiness will automatically follow.

At Nature’s Child, we are all about Convenience, Sustainability and Quality for Organic Baby Products.

We achieve this with the motto “Products that don’t end in pollution”

We focus as much on our packaging and wondering what you will do with it once you open our packets as well as choosing the finest certified organic ingredients so you are using the purest quality on those precious children you are buying for.

Less Products – Less Waste – Less Packaging – Less Spending – Greater Sustainability

  • We keep your shopping list simple by focusing on the essentials.
  • We offer less choice but better quality to stop the overwhelm that big shopping sites lure you into. That’s cheap, that’s cute, that’s nice and before you know it you have a bunch of products that look great, felt good to buy but you have no money left for the essentials.

We proudly hand craft and meticulously design the very best certified organic baby products to bring you the purest Australian made baby skincare and fair trade certified organic cotton necessities made in India.

We compliment our Nature’s Child products with hand picked items that we know you will need from respected brands to complete your nursery.

We partner with Inner Origin because they are the only other company that is #truthonlabel and who practice #foodasmedicine. Inner Origin is a company we link to and yes, we earn commissions for recommending them to you and we are proud of that. There are even business opportunities for you to earn commissions as well so email us about that if you want to know more.

We focus on essentials only. We offer less choice so you are not overwhelmed by the razzle dazzle of marketing, keeping our focus on non-toxic purity, great prices and less packaging waste for your family to deal with This results in your automatic lighter footprint and less spending which is what we, as conscious consumers want.

We offer the very best in organic and natural quality for babies while being conscious of price and less packaging waste.

It’s simple really, buying quality means buying less, saving money and living sustainably.

Most importantly, we make it convenient and easy for you to shop with us.

Our Shipping is Fast. Our shopping can even be fast with PayPal checkout if you are in a hurry.

We have this great stockiest list so you can support your local retailer instead of always internet shopping if you are a passionate local shopper for your local town. Find it here

Our communication is passionate and helpful.

And by the way, we have been doing this since 2000 so we have seen many brands come and go. We reckon this kind of experience might give you a little faith in our credibility.

We are proud to be a small, efficient, loving family that cares about every baby in every belly and family in the world right now.

100% ACO certified organic skin care for babies
wellness products for living a luxurious and soulful life

Beware of labels that say ‘natural’ and ‘chemical free’ if they are under $13! It’s not possible! The few natural oils in the product are sadly complimented with irritating extra ingredients. Treat carefully!

We help Conscious families raise a family sustainably.








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Natural & Organic Baby Products

If you prefer to listen than read, this 25 minute podcast is a great way to get to know Nature’s Child.

Nature’s Child is a creation from Jannine Barron who was shocked by the amount of disposable and plastic products that she was expected to use when her baby was born. Driven to create the purest possible baby essentials range that produces little or no waste as well as costing families less, Nature’s Child are proud to set the standard and push environmental boundaries in an over polluted industry.  Our Children are precious and we know that we have a responsibility to leave the planet in a better state for them.

Initially an iconic retail store for many years, Nature’s Child now supports hundreds of retailers around Australia who passionately sell our brand of 100% Australian baby skincare. cloth nappies & new mum essentials including:

  • Breast Pads and Nipple Balm for New Mums *Certified Organic
  • Face wipes, Baby Wipes & Cloth Nappies *Certified Organic
  • Certified Organic Baby Skincare including Baby Wash, Massage Oil, Baby Powder *Certified Organic
  • Our World Famous Bottom Balm and Wonder Balm *Certified Organic
  • Gorgeous Organic Cotton Cloth Nappies

Nature’s Child is a Australian Company based in Byron Bay Northern NSW that stands for:

  • Ethical Products and Truth on Label
  • Cruelty free –  never tested on animals
  • Absolutely no petrochemicals and nothing synthetic
  • Glass & Cardboard Packaging with no or minimal plastic that is 100% recyclable
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Fragrance Free
  • Zero Waste Packaging and 100% Recylable Packaging
  • Ensuring packaging that allows you to use 100% of the product
  • Byron Bay is an amazing place to create and bring up kids

Nature’s Child is a company known for:

  • Being one of the first on line baby stores in Australia
  • Being the Very first Organic Baby Store and Cloth Nappy Retailer in 2000
  • Own Brand, Gentle, effective products that prevent skin problems by using the purest products
  • 100% Natural and Certified Organic products that soothe problem skin
  • Internationally recognised Australian organic certification that you can trust
  • Only 100% Pure essential oils with certification in our products
  • Supporting  a family cooperative in India who make our Organic Cotton Products fair trade
  • Just Beautiful Baby Products that you absolutely need in a form that won’t irritate baby or upset nature’s balance on your skin or your baby’s skin.

Nature’s Child was born in July 2000 in the beachside town of Byron Bay, NSW. It is fitting that Australia’s First Organic Baby Store was born in a town where Natural Birth is actively supported and where Indigenous women traditionally came to birth. So many births and firsts in Byron Bay!

We also have our own on line store with additional brands we trust alongside our own to bring parents the full kit of simple, essentials when caring for a baby and toddler. We promise a simple, ethical, joyful shopping experience at our on line store, not an overwhelming or choice heavy experience.

Internet overwhelm is challenging for many new parents to be so we are the calm in the storm.  We are not the biggest but we are the most ethical, the most conscious about Truth on the labels, Certified Organic, Pollution Free Packaging and Zero Waste. We don’t need to offer you a huge range, just the best range.  Read about this difference why natures child is different to other on line stores.

We encourage you to locate one of our valued stockists that may be near you HERE. If you have a local store that you think may want to stock us and that would be more convenient for you to purchase from, please let them know they can contact us. From humble beginnings in a garage in Byron Bay, Nature’s Child is the Australian Pioneer of Organic Baby Products that parents can use every day such as cloth nappies, breast pads and baby wipes. We were the first in Australia and remain the most recognised Certified Organic Baby Brand in Australia.

When our owner Jannine Barron had her first child in 1995, she was shocked by the disposable nature of the baby products on offer. They were based on a throw away mentality, made largely from plastics and synthetic fabrics, they were costly and largely pointless.

Jannine says “There are lots of reusable choices now but you have to imagine 20 yrs ago, the idea of a fabric, reusable breast pad or a cloth nappy made most people frown and look puzzled. But fortunately, a new wave of eco-minded parents and certainly our grandmothers, smiled and supported our new venture” Many reusable products now are still made from polyester or fabrics that sound natural but still actually require a lot of chemicals to grow them. We focus on Organic Cotton because there is independent certification that monitors and limits or deletes chemical use. We believe Certification is an important standard by which the eco friendly nature of a fibre should be judged.

“I knew that if we were patient and parents slowly embraced this idea, we would witness an organic and eco revolution. This is exactly what has happened 17yrs since we started!. I am just so proud of all the parents that made this a reality and for my awesome team over the years that has delivered the purest and the best to parents internationally”

We are really proud to be an Australian manufacturer of Organic Baby Products including Certified Organic Baby Skincare and Certified Organic Cotton reusable products that parents use every day. Everyone is welcome to shop direct from our website and experience our nurturing service.

If you are a business owner or therapist wanting to stock our range of organic baby products in your store, you can purchase from one of our valued Distributers.


Since we began, a lot of competition has come into the baby products market and use the word “organic” on their packaging. Unless you see a certification logo on their products, please do not compare us! Our independently audited Organic Certification is your guarantee of purity and honesty in our claims. Our ingredients cost more because we only  source from Certified Organic Farms which means absolutely NO GMO or Toxic Chemicals used in the growing process. This guarantees you an independently audited, truthful claim of purity.



If you are enjoying your visit to our site, please take a moment to read about what motivates us.

The Nature’s Child Vision

To honour the beauty and wonder of pregnancy, birth, babies and childhood. To do this in a way that cherishes our natural instincts, our natural environment and its resources.
  1. Empowering parents, pregnant women, their partners, their children and the community through our products, retreats, educational seminars, practitioners, workshops, publications and conferences.
  2. Selling products for pregnancy, babies, children, home lifestyle of exceptional quality that are convenient for busy lives without costing the earth
  3. Making it easy for parents to enjoy organic, earth-friendly shopping.
  4. Wowing every customer with the unique beauty and quality of every product.
  5. Honouring children’s natural intelligence by providing creations that promote self-esteem, inspire imagination, promote self-confidence, leave room for creativity and honour their whole being and their individual potential.
  6. Providing personalised customer service of the highest quality in a family-friendly work and shopping environment.
  7. Building a socially and ethically responsible business structure from which all this can grow and be possible.

“Change the World – One Purchase at a time”  

 Jannine Barron – Ecoprenuer, Change Maker and Founder of Nature’s Child, 2001

 What Does Earth-Friendly Mean?

  • Containing ingredients that are biodegradable

  • Paints and oils on toys and furniture that contain no chemicals

  • Creations that help you to relax, meditate and trust your intuition

  • Are grown and manufactured so no harmful chemicals are used

  • Promote bonding and closeness in your family

  • Recycled materials are used

  • Recycled or plantation timber used

  • Washable not disposable

  • Compostable and Wormsafe

  • Greenhouse friendly

  • Packaging can be recycled or reused

How Can Earth-Friendly Shopping Help The Environment?

Since having children, I have realised the simple decisions I make every day such as what to eat for breakfast, what medicine to use on my sick baby and whether I put a cloth nappy or disposable on them, is a powerful decision; because billions of mothers all over the world are making those same decisions as me, every day. The choices we all make are intimately connected to the health and welfare of our environment. Thus our lifestyle choices directly impact our future world. While one purchase alone may not change the world’s environmental crisis, it can influence human behaviour enough to impact events that can. For our future survival, we must seek and offer sustainable solutions, the heart of which involves recycling more, eliminating chemical use and wasting less. I like to support small home-based businesses. What I love about most of the creators of the products you find at Nature’s Child, is that they are parents, inspired by their children to create beautiful products and to work flexible hours that suited family life. Cant find what you were looking for? If you need a product that we don’t have on our site, email us now and we will find the product you need or refer you to where you can find it. Email:

A request for help with packaging meeting consumer demands of packaging and quality control is still challenging for manufacturers of earth-friendly products. To be positive about the need to use plastic packaging sometimes in the interest of protecting the products you receive, our manufactures have made efforts to use bags and boxes that can be recycled and reused – so if you receive a product in a plastic bag, please recycle by re-using these bags for as long as possible! If you order a bottle or jar from us, our first choice at Nature’s Child will be to pack it in shredded paper in a box. If you receive it in plastic bubble wrap instead, it will be because someone has sent me bubble wrap and I prefer to recycle it instead of throw it away. Please do the same. Please re-use any other packaging that arrives to you from us If you have any suggestions about how we can improve our packaging to be more earth-friendly, we would love to hear from you. And I know that some of my manufacturers are struggling to come up with more sustainable ideas for their product packaging and would love to hear from you too! That goes for any suggestions you can help us with to make us honourably earth-friendly!

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Have a Blessing Way

Have a Blessing Way
A Blessing Way is a wonderful alternative to the traditional ‘baby shower’ that is held for a woman approaching birth. The Blessing Way ritual (also a fun day out with the girls) literally blesses the way for the mother to be ready for childbirth. As a community, you welcome the baby that is coming soon and confirm the support that you are willing to receive from your community of friends and family.

Traditionally, a woman invites those people closest to her, in whose friendship and wisdom she trusts. You can invite friends to bring a plate of food and/or a gift if you like, but a special ceremony as part of your day is the central feature of a Blessing Way.

When we first wrote this article back in 2001, it was the only article on the entire internet that we could find. Being from Byron Bay, a Blessing Way was normal. Once again, Byron Bay is a place of initiative around intuitive birthing rituals. These days, lots of websites have written about a blessing way. Articles such as this one from BELLY BELLY are informative.History of Blessing Ways

Blessing Ways are traditional to North American Indians according to Mystic Mama. The Indigenous people of the America’s are said to have celebrated and honoured the transition a woman makes when she moves from maiden to mother. This rite of passage is the second ‘blood rite’ for a woman, the first being her first menstruation. It is a time of receiving for the mother to be, a time where she is nurtured and honoured by her community of women.The Blessing Way Ceremony acknowledges the commitment and energy involved in being a mother and gives her a time where all the energy is available for her to receive. This ceremony can be given to a woman each time she has a child, as with each child comes a new level of commitment and surrender.

The key is for the ‘mother to be’ to allow herself to receive and ‘fill her cup’ as deeply as possible. The Blessing Way is also a powerful way to assist in the mother’s preparation for birth. It gives other mothers present in the circle the opportunity to share experiences. Often it is a time when the ‘mother to be’ can express any fears or worries in a safe and sacred setting and receive the support she needs. Here are some ideas that you can include in your special day as you create your own personal memory.

When the birthing woman goes into labour, all women in her Blessing Way circle are contacted through the phone tree and each woman breaks the thread and sends a blessing for an easy birth. This circle of women can then be contacted once the baby is born and be invited to support the mother in practical ways that allow a new mother to relax and bond with her baby, which is her priority right now.

We suggest you choose only one or two of the following rituals that best suit your community of friends. A Blessing Way Ritual is always best remembered when it is the right length of time, and needs to consider that the women in the Blessing Way circle may have young children of their own at home being minded.

Blessing Way Bead Ceremony – Each woman is asked to bring a bead for a blessing necklace. At some time during the ceremony a bowl is handed around the circle and each woman gives her bead and a blessing for mother and baby. At the end of the ceremony one of the women threads the beads together and gives the necklace to the mother to have with her during the birth. This gives the mother-to-be a connection to all her women friends when she is birthing.

Binding of the wrists – The woman running the ritual brings a reel of wool or fine thread. The colour is usually red to represent blood. This is bound around each woman’s left wrist by the woman who sits to the left of her. As each woman binds the thread on the other woman’s wrist she says ‘ from women we were born into this circle, from women we were born unto this earth’. This ritual is symbolic of the thread that connects us all as women. It also keeps each woman tuned into the birthing mother as she leads up to her time and reminds them to send her positive, loving energy as they all see their red string every morning until the baby is born. Once each guest has delivered her helpful post-natal task for the birthing mother, the red string can be removed.

Massaging the Mother – Take along some lush, pregnancy friendly, massage oils and be sure to give her the full treatment with as many women as possible joining in. Brush her hair, give her a facial, whatever indulgence she wants.

Flowers – Flowers are symbolic of nature’s abundance and beauty, just as a woman is when she is in her full pregnant bloom. Be sure to ask all women to bring flowers and create a beautiful alter with them. A flower crown is a beautiful thing to have for the mother-to-be.

Singing – The singing of songs to celebrate woman, pregnancy and birth is a beautiful way to honour and share at a Blessing Way. Each woman may bring a song or poem or instrument to play, or you may have a talented friend who can lead the group in song.

Belly Casting – A kit is usually the easiest way to ensure success with a belly casting. I suggest you do your cast in private and then have it at the Blessing Way circle as a group activity to decorate. Alternatively, you can create the Belly Cast as part of your Blessing Way Ceremony (kits are available from in our pregnancy section).

Prayer Flags – Flags are a beautiful way to create a lasting memory of a Blessing Way ritual. Each guest is given a piece of fabric of equal size to decorate. You will need fabric pens, sewing materials, fabric scraps etc so your guests can create a unique prayer flag specifically for you and your baby (kits are available from in our pregnancy section).

Post Birth Support

On the day of the Blessing Way Ceremony have a close friend take the names and contact details of each woman present to be put on a ‘support roster’ for bringing meals after the birth. Each woman brings one meal (ensuring the ingredients are breastfeeding friendly) to the new mother and helps out in any way she can when she drops it off – e.g. dishwashing, clothes washing etc. This support is invaluable for the new mum at a big transition time in her life.

Add your own ideas inspired by this list to create a day that suits your own personality and celebrates your unique wisdom and experience!

This Article was first written in 2003 and edited with new links in 2016

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10 Facts About Chlorine and 10 Things You Can Do About it Now!

FACT 1: Dioxin is a chemical by-product of the manufacturing of chlorine-bleached paper and is believed to be the single most carcinogenic chemical known to science

ACTION: Do not buy any products for your family that uses chlorine bleach – check the packet before you buy. Start planning now if you want to finish what’s in your cupboard first.

FACT 2: Scientists find residue of this cancer-causing dioxin from chlorine-bleaching in products like disposable nappies, paper towels, toilet paper and coffee filters

ACTION: It’s easy to buy chlorine-free alternatives to all these products either in the supermarket or shops like Nature’s Child. It’s worth the few extra cents.

FACT 3: Dioxin has been linked to endometriosis, immune system impairment, diabetes, neurotoxicity, birth defects (including foetal death), decreased fertility, testicular atrophy and reproductive dysfunction in both women and men

ACTION: Detox and stop buying chlorine based products. Start slowly. Start with easy things like your tea and coffee, your butter and milk, your bread and your cleaning products. Once you change these simple things, you will find the rest changes easily. Change may take a year or more… be kind to yourself. Set a goal, take your time.

FACT 4: If you suffer from asthma and other lung problems, chlorine products should be avoided as the vapours can irritate your lungs, increasing the risk of onset

ACTION: Ask a friend or relative who suffers from asthma if any of these products bring on their asthma and share this information with them. Research a good mattress before you next buy one! Latex, wool or organic cotton are not usually made with any chemicals that can off-gas.

FACT 5: If you use commercial dishwasher powder that has appealed to you in ads where plates and glasses shine, remember that when you open the door of your dishwasher, the toxic volatized chlorine from the detergent and tap water is released into the air. That’s the smell that makes you step back and gasp when you open your dishwasher.

ACTION: Tri Nature Citrus Dishwashing powder is one of the products you can purchase that will not have this affect and does not use chlorine bleach but will make your dishes sparkle! Available from Nature’s Child of course! Just click on cleaning products.

FACT 6: Most household poisonings are caused by household cleaning products that are chlorine based

ACTION: Don’t get sucked in by cheap prices and fancy commercials. Just don’t buy their products. IT IS MUCH CHEAPER TO PURCHASE LESS PRODUCTS THAT HAVE MORE USES MADE FROM ORGANIC COMPOUNDS. Good old water, vinegar, bi carb and essential oils will clean most surfaces! Use your search engine to look for recipes and ideas that do not include chemicals.Or purchase TRI NATURE or SONETT products found on our website We have done the research and chosen a few simple products that cost very little and last a long time.

Contact the companies and let them know why you are not buying their products. If they don’t hear from people regularly, they won’t make an eco-friendly product. Boycotting is good for your family but to help the whole planet, we need to educate our family, friends and manufacturers so they will stop using these products that pollute our waterways.

FACT 7: If you love your coffee and especially filtered coffee, think carefully before you next drink it. Studies show that forty to seventy percent of the dioxin in bleached coffee filters can leach into your coffee.

ACTION: Buy unbleached coffee filters or drink espresso. There are many organic and fair trade coffee and tea companies on our supermarket shelves, at health food stores and on line stores. If you love your tea, choose unbleached tea bags and leaf tea where possible. Everything we do is a habit so just create a new one by finding a fair trade organic brand that you love. Also, leaf tea has a higher dose of antioxidants and minerals. Purchase an easy to use tea pot with a built-in filter, making it just as easy to drink leaf tea as teabags.

FACT 8: Many white food containers such as milk cartons potentially contain chlorine bleach that leaches into the milk you drink

ACTION: Ring your milk company and ask them if they use chlorine bleach and if they do, tell them you will not be able to buy their product any more because of that; if you have access to a farm, purchase unprocessed milk direct from the farmer; many farmers markets offer local milk; your local health food store may know a source, even if they don’t advertise it; or buy online.

FACT 9: Pregnant women in their first trimester who drink five or more glasses of chlorinated tap water a day may be at a much higher risk of miscarriage than women who drink non-chlorinated water. Sorry, don’t mean to be scary but I find this amazing!

ACTION: Buy a good water filter and only drink filtered water, especially if your council adds chlorine to your tap water.

FACT 10: Our skin is the largest organ in our body. Cancer-causing chemicals like chlorine found in many household items and personal care are easily absorbed through the skin.

ACTION: Check the ingredients. Use only organic skincare and chlorine free household products and buy in bulk to save money. Check out Tri Nature Products at Nature’s Child or visit your local health food store for alternatives.

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When your baby starts teething, they want to get their hands and mouth on literally anything to soothe their sore gums. Baby teething toys or baby rattles as they can be called are colourful and cute but which ones are safe? Just because they are allowed to be sold on our shelves, don’t be fooled that they are all safe and healthy.

One thing that research and life is teaching us is that chemical exposure is gradual and cumulative so every choice along the way once your baby arrives and throughout childhood is setting up a pattern of health that will carry them throughout life. So it makes me a little sick when I see a baby sucking on a nylon or plastic toy and I know that if that parent or carer was informed, they would not want their baby sucking on that toy.

I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life to finding the very best natural and organic products for babies and I have narrowed it down to these 4 styles.

If you also want to know about which teethers to avoid and NOT buy, then we list those at the end of this short article as well.

Before we get into the baby toys which is the fun part, lets just quickly clear up why BPA free plastic is not on our list in just one simple paragraph.

Why don’t we sell BPA free plastic teething toys for baby?

In this article by Sharon Hall of My Chemical Free Romance, she explains that Bisphenols are a class of plastic, not one type, and that there are 14 different Bisphenols. BPA stands for Bisphenol A only. So when you see a product that says “BPA-Free” plastic which we have been trained to think of is healthier, all it is really telling you is that that plastic uses another Bisphenol, such as Bisphenol F or S, instead. We encourage you to do your own research on BPA free to make your own decision on this topic. Plastic also still uses petroleum as vital to the production process and can leach chemicals from the container into the product over time.

Here are my top four styles of safe teething toys for babies

Natural Rubber Teething Toys With Baby Toys

Natural Rubber is popular with health conscious parents as a teething toy for babies to easily hold and suck because it mimics the flexibility of plastic but contains no plastic. Parents are now learning that it is no longer an option to source even BPA free plastic for baby toys or teething toys or baby rattles.

Natural rubber is biodegradable by being exposed to sunlight, humidity and fresh air. Using Natural rubber rather than synthetic rubber for baby rattles made from oil/petroleum, acts against climate change by increasing the number of trees and cutting back on the use of fossil fuels.

Rubber is harvested from a rubber tree by making an incision in the tree’s bark, from which the sap then flows. Rubber tapping is sustainably harvested.

Only buy Natural Rubber Teethers from a reputable source to ensure it is natural, not petroleum produced. The same goes for all your baby toys.

If you need to use a dummy for your baby, also known as a pacifier or soother, we also strongly recommend ONLY Natural Rubber such as these ones.

Wooden Baby Toys from Australia and New Zealand

Some babies need something a bit harden then rubber or cotton, they really want to chomp on something hard so natural wood is ideal. Gepetto is a New Zealand company that we have loved for 20 yrs and our parents keep coming back for more of their unique, colourful safe toys for babies gums.

Organic Cotton Baby Teething Toys

Organic Cotton is one of our favourites for so many reasons. It washes easily, it can be tied in knots easily to make a harder place for teething babies to chomp on. Organic Cotton Baby Teething toys are usually very cute! All the colours, animal shapes or natural shapes can be made easily with good design with organic cotton teething toys. Once again like all our recommendations, no chemicals are on these baby toys and they are the ideal non toxic, natural teething toy for a baby of any age.You can still enjoy a baby rattle with its gentle sound in toys such as these from Nature’s Child.

Baby Bath Toys

We have already explained the benefits of non toxic natural rubber teething toys but we thought we should mention the bath briefly. Often we forget when it comes to bath time to keep bath toys simple and non toxic as well. Because they are in water a lot, it is that pesky hole that is often at the bottom of bath toys that is the biggest concern. Mould can grow in there which is very dangerous for babies health.


Any baby teething toys made from Nylon, Polyester or Plastic should be avoided. PVC and plastic became popular in the 70s, 80s and 90s as a baby teether for young infants sore gums because it was cheap and flexible material, but we now know better. Parents should avoid all soft plastic toys made from PVC or contain BPA.

BPA is one of many endocrine disruptive chemicals that can interfere with the body’s hormonal balance and could potentially lead to developmental, reproductive, neurological and immune system and other health issues. You can read more about this including research references teething


Nylon is a polymer which is a plastic with super-long, heavy molecules built up of short, endlessly repeating sections of atoms, just like a heavy metal chain is made of ever-repeating links. Nylon is not actually one, single substance but the name given to a whole family of very similar materials called polyamides.


Polyester is a synthetic polymer made of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) or its dimethyl ester dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) and monoethylene glycol (MEG). With 18% market share of all plastic materials produced, it ranges third after polyethylene (33.5%) and polypropylene (19.5%).


Plastic pellets are fed from a hopper into an extruder. Plastics are derived from organic products. The materials used in the production of plastics are natural products such as cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt and, of course, crude oil. Crude oil is a complex mixture of thousands of compounds.

If you click on the purple link headings above titled PLASTIC they start with the hilarious statement – “Plastics are derived from organic products. The materials used in the production of plastics are natural products such as cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt and, of course, crude oil” Need I really explain why this is hilarious?

So next time you see the word “derived from natural”…..on anything including your skincare, it is written this way to make it sound natural but it is not!

Beware of…

  • Cheap Wooden Toys – old, cheap, painted wooden toys may contain lead if you don’t know their country of origin. You should always have a contact for the company so you can contact the manufacturers to check on ingredients, check on any plastic toys that they don’t contain phthalates which is almost impossible so just avoid PVC, Nylon and Plastic toys in my view.
  • Teethers made of PVC. Most of the teethers that can be chilled in the freezer are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a plastic that is softened with phthalates so avoid these. Choose Natural Rubber Toys instead for this same feeling for your baby.
  • Plastic teethers of any kind. Even if they say BPA– and phthalate-free, plastic teethers may still be toxic–all plastic is probably hormone disrupting.
  • Teething biscuits. These can be a choking hazard because they can snap in half which creates jagged edges in your baby’s mouth if they have not been softened enough with babies dribble. All the new data about wheat being suspect for gut health also suggests that it may be a good idea to only choose Gluten Free teething biscuits if you want to use them at all.
  • Instead of any of these above, you should look for teethers made of unpainted wood, 100% natural rubber, organic cotton, and silicone as mentioned in our article above.

I hope this article has been useful, I would love your feedback here.

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Crisis is one of the number one factors for people choosing

The Australian Organic Market Report has been published for 2017 based on research by the Mobium Group, Swinburne University of Technology and ABS statistics.

Key findings from the 2017 Australian Organic Market Report include:

  • The number of certified organic operations in Australia grew by 5%.
  • The tonnes of organic products exported from Australia grew by 17%.
  • Bakery items showed more than four-fold export growth between 2015 and 2016.
  • Exports of sheep/lamb meat, cosmetics, alcoholic drinks, dairy products and chicken all showed exceptional growth.
  • Australia has 53% of the world’s organic farmland
  • More than two out of three Australian households (63%) purchased one organic product in the past year, with personal health having the strongest influence for the household buyer
  • The top perceived benefits of buying organic include: chemical and additive free, environmentally friendly, free-range and non-GMO
  • Production factors including origin and traceability of food are increasingly important to Australian consumers. Impacts on the environment was a key motivation for 41% of shoppers to start buying organic. New Australian Made Labelling Laws will now give consumers greater transparency and understanding of the true origin of products.
  • Consumers prefer smaller health food and organic stores as trusted sources of certified organic vs the supermarket. This included 70% had the strongest confidence in specialised organic and wholefood stores
  • People aged between 18 – 29), with their preferred shopping method being online via mobile phone
  • Popular organic categories include fresh fruit and veg, followed by dairy, home-cooking ingredients and eggs
  • Growth of sales in organic packaged food & beverages in 2017 is predicted to be 4.3%
  • The awareness of organic certification continues to increase, with two-thirds of shoppers noting that an organic certification mark increases their confidence in purchasing an authentic product. Labelling and packaging deemed the number one source for gaining product information
  • The largest barriers to purchase of organic products remain value, trust and access
    Nature’s Child has been loved as Australia’s first organic baby store since 2000 by Organic Mums and Dads all over Australia. Our Brand can be found in the USA, Malaysia, New Zealand and the UK as well as health food stores and some IGA stores throughout Australia.
  • Nature’s Child is the premier voice and authority on organic integrity in the baby industry in Australia. You can contact Nature’s Child at to stock our premium certified organic baby skincare and organic cotton for your store.To view the report in full visit: can download your copy of the report australian organic market report