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Eco Parenting

Eco Parenting is about consciously creating a life of wellness for you and your family. One that is deeply connected to our environment. It is about aligning our work, education, spirit and happiness with the needs of our planet. In doing so, it is how we align ourselves. The key word is conscious because the mainstream world of parenting is dominated by corporate players who can potentially create and control your children’s entertainment, information input, device use, diet and social norms.

As parents, our role is to view these sources through adults eyes, assess their value to our own family and to include or exclude them. It is knowing YOU ARE IN CONTROL of this that is the most important step. It is an exciting and empowering path to take for your family.

The World exists in its current form only by our co-operation with the corporate machine. Parents are therefore, perfectly placed to be the quiet revolutionaries. It is our decisions about where to put our dollar, what to feed our kids, what products to use and what social, educational and spiritual input they have that influence the people they will become. The people who will make the decisions of the future. The very people who will decide if we live alongside or separate to our environment.

Our busy-ness, our exhaustion, our stress, our ill-health and our financial restrictions completely cut most of us off from exploring these ideas and allowing change. How do we take time out to have this conversation as parents? How can we be bothered? When are we not too tired to have a conversation about the fundamentals?

Pregnancy is the perfect time to have this conversation. Change is upon us in the biggest and brightest form that life has offered. It is the exact, perfect moment to stop and think, what kind of family do I want to have? What environment and lifestyle do I want to create for them? These questions have much bigger answers than a geographical or career answer. But they can start in small steps such as changing how you eat, how you shop, what products you embrace or reject in your life.

Our Intellectual, Spiritual and Physical health are directly connected to the health of our planet. The two realms co-exist. When one is out of balance, it shows up in the other. We sense this imbalance all the time whether we are conscious or not. It shows up in our health, our tiredness, our frustration. It determines how satisfied and loved we feel in the long term.  It is at the very core of our Mental Health.

Bruce Lipton says it beautifully when he says “Since organisms exist as a physical complement of their environments, the loss of the environment means the loss of the complementary organisms.  As we destroy our environment, we destroy our selves! Bruce H Lipton

The good news is that we have the power to correct this. So if you want to know more and be a part of the eco parenting revolution. Please follow these writings and share your thoughts back with us.

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