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General Recommendations During Pregnancy

General Recommendations During Pregnancy


  • Pregnancy is such a beautiful time of one’s lifetime and we highly recommend transcribing the journey in one of our gorgeous Pregnancy Journals, to cherish memories and give your child a treasurable gift.
  • Hydration is key during pregnancy and also for energy levels. Increase water to at least 2.5-3L daily.
  • For moisturising the body, you can’t look past our wonder balm which doubles up as a cure for anything!
  • Ginger tea or bread for nausea. Some people find ginger biscuits and oatcakes with a cup of peppermint tea works. Also, sipping on Yogi Mother-to-Be tea in 2nd and 3rd trimester is not only nutritive but soothing too.
  • It is safe and beneficial to continue exercising during pregnancy. The rule of thumb is you do not need to be concerned about heart rate if you have been doing regular exercise prior to getting pregnant.  Low-impact exercise such as walking, yoga and swimming is beneficial during later pregnancy, as we naturally slow down due to the weight of the baby.
  • Get 20 to 30 minutes of sunlight to boost Vitamin D levels, avoiding more intense sun exposure times (10 am to 3 pm during hotter months). This is also great for mood and relaxation for both yourself and baby.
  • Must-have organic personal care products to have a regular supply can be found in our pregnancy section.
  • Most importantly, enjoy this miraculous time and remember it’s just nine months out of your ‘normal’ life!



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