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Proudly Sharing with you our New Fundraising Project with our Organic Cotton Face Wipes  RRP $8.95

A few months ago, I was looking for a new face for our popular organic cotton face wipes. I knew I wanted to go beyond a stock photo. I wanted a photo with meaning. When chatting to my old school buddy Tania, my friend for almost 40 yrs, who runs a very successful kids project in Cambodia, I nervously asked how she would feel about one of her babies being the new face of Nature’s Child Organic Cotton Face Wipes.

Fundraising is a constant challenge for this project so I knew some extra funds would be welcome. I also knew that Tania would only agree if the families and kids were happy. I have never seen her agree to any fundraising that was not ethical as well as beneficial.

I wanted to help raise awareness of her amazing work while meeting our own needs for a very special baby to appear on our packaging. I love the idea that we can just buy what we need as consumers in Australia, and just by the way, someone is being fed or schooled, we are not only a profit centred business.

I was thrilled when Tania agreed. I had known these kids at the very beginning. I had visited Cambodia back in 2005, I knew many of these kids when they were starving, begging living on the streets. I have watched them grow through photos and videos over the years into healthy, housed, happy, educated, tall, proud young adults.

As a long time supporter of the Green Gecko Project for street children in Cambodia, I knew that one of these gorgeous kids would have a brother or sister that could be our perfect model. Dana, who finally made it on to our packaging, is a wonderful example of a healthy, happy baby. This was not the case for her aunty when Tania took her in to Green Gecko many years ago. Dana is a testament to how successful the Green Gecko project has been. She show us that it is not just the kids at Green Gecko that benefit from the project,  it’s the extended families as well.

In true Gecko style, our photo project involved the kids and families of Gecko. We extend a heartfelt hanks to the professional guidance of professional photographer Olivia Bradley – also friend of Tania’s for 25 years – who guided the process. The winning shot was taken by Nang, Green Gecko kid and resident photographer.  Thank you Nang and Olivia!

So here is the result… we are sure you will agree that Dana is just beautiful! Your purchase of Nature’s Child Organic Cotton Face Wipes is a great addition to any skincare or food item you are buying for your baby. Plus, you have the added knowledge of knowing that $1 is going to Green Gecko. $1 is equivalent to a day’s wage for some of the poorest people in Cambodia so imagine when we hit our target of $5000! Thank you for being a part of this project.  You can purchase Face Wipes here.

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