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Plastic Free Collection

Nature’s Child is committed to removing all plastic from our packaging. We believe this should be a fundamental goal for eco-friendly baby companies.

Removing unnecessary plastics is a priority for us. Over the years, our customers expect Nature’s Child to set the standard in eco friendly baby products. Here are some of the milestones we have pioneered to date.

  1. Australia’s First Organic Baby Store in 2000
  2. Australia’s First Organic Cotton Cloth Nappies 2004
  3. Australia’s Baby Business to sell Cloth Nappies commercially to mainstream baby stores 2008
  4. Australia’s First range of Organic Baby Range of Mother & Baby Essentials 2005 – 2008
  5. Australia’s First Baby Brand to offer Non-Disposable essentials for every day use 2003
  6. Australia’s First Certified Organic Baby Skincare Range – 100% of the range. ACO
  7. Australia’s First Baby Company to commit to 100% Plastic Free Packaging

We will continue to be an industry leader for eco-friendly baby products standards. It is what our customers have come to expect and it is certainly what we have come to expect from ourselves. Over the next few years we’ll be removing unnecessary packaging where we can and introducing alternative packaging materials. Our ultimate aim is to eliminate unnecessary plastic and make all our own-brand packaging reusable or home-compostable material by 2021.

We’ve made great progress already, with over 90% of our own-brand packaging now meeting our recyclable, reusable or home recycling goal. But we know there’s more we need to do, and that’s why in 2018 we made the decision to aim for a 100% plastic free packaging.

All our products are plastic free and reusable but packaging has always been a challenge. When we started selling our organic cotton baby and mother products in 2005 such as breast pads and baby wipes, it was a standard expectation from retailers that the product would be ‘protected’ in a plastic baby inside the box. Now you have to remember that back in 2005, plastic free  was not a phrase. Just using recycled cardboard for our packaging was a major step.

In recent years, we have engaged with our key retailers, customers and distributers with a plastic free conversation and are pleased to announced a 100% acceptance of our plastic free goal with packaging.

Reusable Baby Wipes

Here are the 4 products that are already 100% Plastic Free. You simple open the box and your reusable product is ready to use and the box can go strait into the recycling. The packaging is the only rubbish is the only waste that will result from our products. Compare this to a packet of disposable baby wipes or breast pads that are used and discarded weekly. Actually, it’s such a beautiful box, we usually recommend cutting out the beautiful image on the front and making a gift card with it. We have seen many delighted customers enjoy our home made gift cards.

100% Plastic Free Products so far

  1. Breast Pads Regular – Cardboard box with die cut so you can see the lovely fabric but no plastic!
  2. Baby Wipes Box of 8 – Cardbox box with die cut so you can see the lovely fabric but no plastic!
  3. Amber Necklace – Cardboard Hanger with eye catching display
  4. Amber Bracelet/Anklet – Cardboard Hanger with eye catching display


Here are the next two products that will be Plastic Free by 2020

  1. Breast Pads Large
  2. Breast Pads Light &Discreet

95% Plastic Free Products 

  1. Organic Baby Wash
  2. Organic Baby Massage Oil
  3. Organic Baby Powder
  4. Organic Bottom Balm
  5. Organic Wonder Balm
  6. Organic Cotton Face Wipes
  7. Organic Cotton Towelling Nappies

Current Organic Baby Skincare Packaging

Glass Bottles with plastic lids

Our gorgeous organic baby skincare is proudly packaged in glass but we still have plastic lids. We are working on a lid solution. The only lids that are designed to work on our bottles are made from plastic! So this project will take longer as we will need to change our bottles in order to change our lids. The good news is that all our plastic lids are hard BPA free plastic so you can recycle them in the meantime. The good news is that your product has minimal or no contact with the plastic before and after use.

organic baby products by natures child

We look forward to updating you further later this year and look forward to celebrating every milestone with you our valued customers.

Love from – The Nature’s Child Team x x

PS: The first synthetic plastic — Bakelite  — was produced in 1907, marking the beginning of the global plastics industry. However, rapid growth in global plastic production was not realized until the 1950s. Over the next 65 years, annual production of plastics increased nearly 200-fold to 381 million tonnes in 2015. For context, this is roughly equivalent to the mass of two-thirds of the world population.1  You can learn more here 

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