Baby Beehinds Fold-Up Booster


Boost Cloth Nappy Absorbency as your baby grows

This is a lovely soft nappy insert for a newborn when used in conjunction with baby beehinds PUL nappy covers. It can then used with any Baby Beehinds nappy or any cloth nappy to offer lasting dryness with an extra boost.  It’s made from two layers of thick and soft bamboo fleece. Excellent for night-time as a booster or long day sleeps or simply make the modern cloth nappy last longer!

Each fold-up measures approximately 30cm x 30cm, after initial shrinkage. Simply fold to fit how baby needs it- you can get up to 8 layers. Learn more at the Description Tab below.

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An Insert or Booster for your Cloth Nappies

These fold-ups are made from 2 layers of thick and thirsty Bamboo Fleece. Ideal for a newborn nappy inside a newborn or small PUL cover to get your started on your cloth nappy journey on a budget.Then use later as a booster for bigger babies.

We recommend this baby beehinds booster as a handy item to have in your nappy stash. You’ll use these over and over for various reasons and just love their versatility. Having 3- 5 on hand is ideal. They can be used with other brands or just inside PUL covers for newborns while still using them later on for boosters.

Use this nappy insert at night to make nappies last the distance, use as a booster if needed in a small, medium or large sized Magic-All, or even simply pad fold two of these in half and lay inside a snug fitting nappy cover for a very quick nappy change!
Use at night to make nappies last the distance and get creative, like this top tip we had from a customer.  “Simply pad fold two of these in half and lay inside a snug fitting nappy cover for a very quick nappy change” I love it!
Baby BeeHinds is an Australian Company

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