Wet Bag – Beach Bag by Seedling Baby


Seedling Baby Beach Bag or Wet Bag with Gorgeous Iconic Australian Animal Print – A generous size wetbag to pop in your nappy bag for wet nappies or babyswim trips

Every day you need to keep the clean from the dirty, the wet from the dry – and that is easy with this generously sized wet bag – Colour coordinated to match the popular Paddle Pants, these handy bags can fit swimmers, a towel, clean dry clothes or about 10 cloth nappies.

Measurements: approximately 50 cm x 40 cm.

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Icon Red Beach Bag and matching Paddle Pants in Iconic Aussie Design

Wet bags are waterproof cloth bags meant to store soiled cloth nappies. When it comes to Spring and Summertime, they also make a great beach bag for storing baby swimmers and towel. This gorgeous design has the following features but also matches the gorgeous Paddle Pants.

  1. Waterproof for easy storage of wet swimmers and towel or soiled cloth nappies
  2. A handle or strap for easy carrying and hanging
  3. One Open bag for simplicity

I have a few wet bags that I used daily for nappies but as they grew older, I found the wet bag remained a staple item for easy storage when I was out for dirty and wet baby clothing or wet swimmers or just dirty clothes. I still use it for travelling for myself as the quality has remained perfect. Made from PUL, this waterproof fabric is ideal for parenting and travelling for all ages, not just as a beach bag. I even got my mother in law one overseas as she loves the aussie animals design.  I think every mum should own at least one large wet bag that can double as a beach bag .

Here are some other unexpected uses that I’ve grabbed this wet bag for over the years.

1 – For my lap top for quick easy waterproof storage

2 – Toilet Training for the Toddlers – lots of accidents so this held the wet ones easily until we got home

3 – Laundry Bag when we are on holidays as well as the daily beach bag of course.

4 – Dirty Clothes bag when we were on weekends away

5 – Christmas Stocking! This was my favourite when overseas, the European Relatives loved the Australian design with Iconic Aussie Flora and Fauna such as the Koala and Kangaroo

A great baby shower idea as this is not the kind of thing a new parents gets for themselves but loves it later as one of the most practical gifts received!


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