Bodhi Organic Tea Mother’s Milk 70g


Nursing Tea for New Mums Breastfeeding

We choose 100% certified herbs for your best health support. These traditional herbs are believed to enhance breast milk production.

This tea tastes great cold or warm so it can be enjoyed in every season to suit your taste.  Just add water, no need for milk or sweetener.

Ingredients: Organic fenugreek, fennel, raspberry leaf, alfalfa, lemon verbena and nettle.


Cup250 mlTemperature100 *CTea Spoon1 heap tspTime4 min


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Bodhi Organic Tea Mother’s Milk is an organic breastfeeding tea for new mothers.

If you are looking for a Nursing Tea for New Mums this is a yummy recipe. The ingredients  include 100% certified organic and sourced from organic farms in Egypt and Croatia. A nourishing and simple nursing tea formula to help with milk production. Just add water! No need for milk or sweeteners.


Cup250 mlTemperature100 *CTea Spoon1 heap tspTime4 min

New Mums need simple tools for nourishing newborns and we have selected the minimum basic needs here for you to consider but first lets explore the ingredients in Bodhi Mothers Milk.

Ingredients in Bodhi Organic Tea Mother’s Milk

Fenugreek has been used for centuries to increase breast milk production. Studies have shown that the active compound in Fenugreek seeds stimulates the pituitary gland which in turn releases prolactin.  Fenugreek is also a great tonic to improve your digestion and has also been shown to be beneficial for balancing blood sugar levels.

Fennel  is believed to help with milk production. You may also noticed an extra benefit if your baby is experiencing colic, gas, reflux or indigestion. If you are heading back to work soon after birth, this is a lovely herb if your breasts are not responding well to the breast pump.

Raspberry leaf  is a well known and loved herb used by women before and after birth. After birth,  your uterus will shrink back down to size. Breastfeeding is one of nature’s methods of helping your uterus decrease in size. Raspberry leaf tea is a great source of iron, calcium, magnesium, B vitamins and vitamin C. It is believed that the Raspberry Leaf helps to increase mother’s milk supply. If you prefer this herb only, we have the Red Seal Tea Bags that are 100% Raspberry Leaf as well.

Alfalfa  is a nutrient rich herb that is considered a galactogogue, helping to boost nursing mothers milk supply. Alfalfa is also highly nutritious herb providing vitamins and minerals required for milk production. It is also beneficial for improving digestion which is why they included it in this lovely nursing tea formula.

Lemon verbena  is a lovely calming herb that will help improve womens milk supply by reducing their stress levels. Stress is a common cause of reduced milk production. Lemon verbena can also help improve digestive complaints such as indigestion, cramping and bloating.

Nettle  is a very nutritious herb that is rich in mineral such as iron, calcium, magnesium and beta-carotene and vitamin C. Nettle has been used for centuries to help treat mothers who are anaemic after giving birth. Nettle is commonly used to help boost milk production

When you combine these herbs together you get a great tasting tea that needs no sweetener or milk added. Just drink pure and natural when you are breastfeeding.

Bodhi Organics uses the highest quality certified organic teas and herbs in our blends. Our packaging is eco-friendly recyclable boxes and 100% biodegradable plant-based bags. We also recommend you reuse your used tea leaves to nourish your garden or pot plants. Your plants will love it!

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