Cherub Baby 240ml Glass Sippy Cup


Cherub Baby Wide Neck Glass Sippy Cup with Colour Change Sleeve 240ml

Cherub Baby Glass Sippy cups 240ml sizes help your baby easily transition baby to the next stage of independent feeding. Choose from 6 Gorgeous colours. Purchase a Straw Adapter pack in anticipation for the next stage. Use this same cup with a different lid. Now that’s great eco friendly design that saves parents money!



Cherub Baby Wide Neck Glass Sippy Cup with Colour Change Sleeve 240ml

When we were researching Glass Sippy Cup and Straw Cups as a  BPA FREE solution for our kids, we were thrilled to find Cherub Baby Wide Neck Bottle for 3 awesome reasons.

1 – Huge Health Benefits

Glass is a great container as it is the only cup that won’t leach chemicals from plastic, even if it is BPA free. There are other chemicals in plastic which means we just don’t want to recommend any BPA free plastic cups at all.

2 – Huge Environmental Benefits

Less Products means Less production which means less use of Natural Resources and only one item to recycle or discard. Big Tick! Why get 3 cups when you can get one and just change the attachments!

3- Huge Savings for Parents

When you buy one bottle or sippy cup, you simply need an attachment to change the function of the bottle. That is a lot less money than buying extra equipment every time your baby grows a few months to the next stage. If you are concerned about Glass potentially breaking, don’t worry. This is limited by the construction from the highest quality tempered thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass and the bottle drop guarantee.

We have very carefully selected the best, healthiest, most cost effective products for your toddler and baby. Instead of filling the pages with multiple options and then you having to guess which is the best, we help you keep life simple. Here are our range of simple products to go with your organic baby foods such as Natural Rubber Placemat, Glass Sippy Cup, Glass Baby Bottle, Glass Straw Bottles and food containers to store baby snacks in. We also have some gorgeous Natural Rubber Bath Toys, teether and wooden toys to keep your home plastic free.

The non spill glass sippy cup is made from the highest quality tempered thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass (commonly used in science labs) allowing bottles to transition safely from freezer to boiled water. The protective medical grade silicone sleeve not only provides super shock resistance; it changes colour if the liquid inside is too hot to serve to baby!

  • The non spill glass sippy cup sleeve will turn white when too hot with our patented colour change technology.
  • The non spill glass sippy cup sleeve also provides a tactile gripping surface for baby.
  • The sleeve has an easy slip on/off design – it slips on and off in 2 easy steps (see images above).
  • Includes polypropylene (PP#5) cap and ring, silicone stopper and silicone sippy spout. The only glass sippy cup where all parts that come into contact with liquid are either glass or silicone.
  • The glass sippy cup grows with your baby. Progress from sippy to straw cup (straw cup adaptor pack sold separately) for use through the toddler years. After which the bottle can convert to a glass food storage container with the food storage (travel) seal.
  • ALL parts are BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Polycarbonate free.
  • Dishwasher Safe (Except the silicone sleeve). Place small parts on the top tray. Hand wash the silicone sleeve when needed.
  • The sippy spout can fit most other brands (details below).
  • This product is FDA and CE tested and approved.
  • Safe, reliable, durable, washable and 100% BPA Free, giving you peace of mind and a non spill glass sippy cup that will last and last.

Additional information

Weight .29 kg
Dimensions 17.5 × 8.5 × 8.5 cm

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