Cherub Baby 240ml SINGLE Straw Cup


Amazing 1 year Guarantee – won’t break! Glass Baby Straw Cup

The Cherub Baby New model wide-neck glass non spill straw cups come with a patented silicone sleeve with built in shock absorbers that help to prevent breakage when dropped. The company did these amazing drop tests from 8 meters ( that is 3 storeys high)  with no breakage! So if you want Glass because you know it is the healthiest cup but are concerned about breakage, this company have you covered!  The best straw cup for your baby AND the most drop resistant glass straw cups known to planet Earth!

Choose from 6 Gorgeous  Straw Cup Outer Covers: Orange – Blue – Green – Pink – Purple – Yellow



Cherub Baby Wide Neck Glass Straw Cup with Colour Change Sleeve 240ml with bottle drop guarantee

These Cherub Baby Glass Sippy Cups & Straw Bottles go through a lot. I can’t remember how many times its been dropped and it is still it its best condition. I also know the company will replace it even if it did break. The color-change feature has saved me heaps of time because the time have for checking when the bottles are ready is what I use in looking after the wriggly bub I have.

We have very carefully selected the best, healthiest, most cost effective products for your toddler and baby. Instead of filling the pages with multiple options and then you having to guess which is the best, we help you keep life simple. Here are our range of simple products to go with your organic baby foods such as Natural Rubber Placemat, Glass Sippy Cup, Glass Baby Bottle, Glass Straw Bottles and food containers to store baby snacks in.

  • The non spill glass straw cup sleeve will turn white when too hot with our patented colour change technology.
  • The Cherub Baby non spill glass straw cup sleeve also provides a tactile gripping surface for baby.
  • The sleeve has an easy slip on andoff design – it slips on and off in 2 easy steps
  • Includes polypropylene cap and ring, silicone stopper and silicone straw spout. The only glass straw cup where all parts that come into contact with liquid are either glass or silicone!
  • The glass straw cup grows with your baby. The straw cup will last your baby through the toddler years. After which the bottle can convert to a glass food storage container with the food storage (travel) seal.
  • ALL parts are BPA, PVC, Phthalate and Polycarbonate free.
  • Dishwasher Safe (Except the silicone sleeve). Place small parts on the top tray. Hand wash the silicone sleeve when needed.
  • The straw spout can fit most other brands so if you ever need to swap it for some reasons.
  • This product is FDA and CE tested and approved.
  • Safe, reliable, durable, washable and 100% BPA Free, giving you peace of mind and a non spill BPA Free Sippy Cup and Glass toddler straw cups that will last and last.

Cherub Baby bottle and pouch products are testing to the strictest EU standards, particularly EN 14350 and we have the relevant testing certificates

  • The sleeves are made from Food Grade Silicone and like all bottle sleeves the colour of the sleeve is produced from ink mixed into the raw material.
  • The ink in this case is thermochromic ink (which creates the colour change). Cherub Baby Products are designed to be completely food safe and has passed EU testing for BPA and Phthalates.
  • Even though the sleeve does not contact with food, we still got it tested.
  • All bottle products come with a drop guarantee (provided the sleeve is attached to the bottle when dropped).


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