Earth Radiance Self Love Kit

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The Earth Radiance Self-Love Kit Best Gift I have ever seen for a New Mother

The purpose of the Self Love Kit is to remind new mothers that they need time out for themselves each day to fill up their cup so they can look after others.  The kit comes with 9 products as well as a booklet supporting women in how to create their own d

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The Most Incredible Gift you could ever give any woman – especially a new mother!

Introducing the Earth Radiance Self Love Kit ~ The most incredible gift for a new mum that we have ever found. The kit that helps a modern mother remember the importance of taking care of herself. Support is what gets us through. We don’t need to be super mum or super woman, we just need to be loved by ourselves and by our families. We can do anything when we have that! The Earth Radiance Self Love Kit is the best New Mum Gift we have ever seen! Organic & Natural Skincare comes with unique affirmation names and affirmation booklet ~ This gift is the ultimate in Post Natal Care for a modern woman in a modern world of crazy overwhelming responsibility.
Somehow in our modern world there has been a loss of reverence & importance of what it means to create & birth a baby, it’s also because we have lost our community/tribe mindset of supporting each other through major milestones within our lives.

Where other women would come in help cook, clean & look after your baby whilst you rested & recovered. Still, in some Eastern cultures, they surround and nurture a new mother for up to 6weeks until she has healed.

I think this also has been forgotten that women who have babies need to heal their mind, body & soul after such a big event. I’m not too sure when birthing a baby became an un-miraculous event?

It takes a woman 9 months to create a baby, as well as many of her nutrients & energy force, it is an intense process then to birth a baby whether naturally or via a caesarean it takes a toll, yet women are asked to leave the hospital within 24 – 72 hours after having birth and are sent on their way without being told the most important piece of information of being a happy & healthy mother. You need support, you need to surround yourself with help & support in other people and also in your mindset as there will be days on end where you forget about yourself, your needs and that you aren’t just a woman with a little being attached to you 24/7.

At least once every day you need to give back some of the love that you are giving to your baby & those around you back to you. You can do this within mere minutes yet its ripple effect can be felt immediately.

Create an ultimate Gift Pack for any new mum with this Self Love Kit from Earth Radiance along with some gorgeous Organic Cotton Breast Pads, Nipple Balm, Raspberry Leaf Tea, Gratitude Journal, Pregnancy Journal or any one of these Stunning & Practical Organic & Natural New Mother Gift Ideas.

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