A Little Squirt Nappy Cleaner


Little Squirt Nappy Cleaner

A great way to clean nappies – it’s quick, easy and environmentally friendly! A fraction of the cost of nappy wash services and very easy to set up yourself. Simply attach the hose to your existing toilet water supply tap (no plumber needed) allowing you to squirt the nappy’s contents straight into the toilet bowl with no mess, no fuss. Click on description below for all the details.

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The Little Squirt is a popular item for people who love cloth nappies.

The Little Squirt Nappy Sprayer is an easy to use, mess-free, FABULOUS way to make rinsing your dirty nappies easy. Cleaning Cloth Nappies has never been so simple and no nappy liners are required if you love this method so it’s a big financial saving as well.

Little Squirt is high pressure hose that is attached between the plumbing inlet and the toilet pedestal. The water pressure jet is adjusted by the amount of squeeze the user applies to the nozzle. This device can be used for washing out nappies or underwear, or rinsing toileting aids (such as bedpans, potties, or splashguards) into the toilet bowl. So it has many uses beyond the cloth  nappy times.

  • The trigger is fitted with a tamper-proof system so toddlers can’t get up to mischief.
  • Everyone that I know who has one, just loves them and swears by it!
  • People love it or don’t. It’s that kinda of product.
  • If you don’t want to scrape or wash poo off your nappies – the little squirt is ideal for you.
  • All parts have full warranty and the company if very helpful if necessary.

Once you have squirted the soiling off the nappy, simply put it into your nappy pail ready for wash day. The retained moisture and cold rinse will help prevent smells and staining and make wash day a lot easier. This is ideal for MCN Modern Cloth Nappy Brands that often recommend no soaking. Just squirt your poo off into the toilet ( which is where poo belongs by the way! ) and drop your nappy into the bucket for later when you wash all your cloth nappies together.

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