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We have an oversupply of HOT PINK SNAPPI nappy fasteners. If you are not bothered by the colour and only the function, grab a bargain and share this news with your friends.

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Neon Pink Colour ON SPECIAL for only  $2

This bargain price for a Snappi  style nappy fastener  is great news for CLOTH NAPPY USERS. If you don’t care about the colour then grab this bargain. I mean…who see’s the colour anyway?

If you can’t quite grasp the hot pink concept, then don’t worry, we have a range of gorgeous modern colours  HERE

Or Buy 10 for $10 – that is only $1 each!

The perfect fastener for any terry nappies including flats and prefolds. Everyone buying our Organic Cotton Luxury Flat Nappies will need some of these essentials.

How to use a Snappi

Hold the two ends with the third end facing downwards. Begin fastening your cloth nappies by attaching the Snappi to the cloth on left tab. Pull the right side of the snappy fastener across your baby’s waist and attach it to the cloth on the right tab. Anchor your snappinappi  by pulling the centre fastener down. There are lots of videos on You Tube if this does not make sense. They are super easy to use. It’s been a great invention bringing us out of the dark ages of nappy pins. No more accidentally pins in your babies stomach..ouch!

What nappies are you using your Snappi With?

Nature’s Child is very proud to share our 100% Certified Organic cotton nappies with you. You can’t beat the simplicity, the price, the versatility and the absorbency of this nappy over all other nappies in my view. It takes 15 seconds longer than a fitted nappy to put on your baby, not much longer really! And there are no snaps, velcro, special washing instructions or treatments required. You just can’t beat this one in our view!

The classic quality terry square nappy is making a comeback for good reason. Re-usable, soft, gentle and quick drying. High quality towelling absorbency. These nappies fit all babies! 60 x 60cm. Video links showing you how to fold this nappy in 30 seconds and how to use the nappy fastener is here.  Just choose your snappi colour to compliment your towelling square nappies.

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