Go Go Bag – Merino Wool & Organic Cotton Sleeping Bag by Merino Kids – Standard – Turtle Dove

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Merino Wool & Organic Cotton combine to create the very Best Baby Sleeping Bag

Ideal for all seasons and extreme comfort which led to it being the worlds first baby sleeping bag to achieve the stringent UK BSI standard for baby sleep sack safety. Your baby has the freedom to move easily inside the bag and yet can’t wriggle out.

The international award-winning Go Go Bag® is a 100% natural baby sleep bag made from pure merino wool inside with the finest organic cotton outer.  The standard weight Go Go Bag is suitable for room temperatures between 18-30C.

  • Adjustable arm snaps to help it fit your baby at the right age
  • Fits 0 – 2yrs due to the above and long tail that can be folded in half for a newborn
  • A sleeping bag gives you baby room to move and breathe without waking themselves from kicking off covers.
  • Layer of Merino wool inside the bag is a great nappy leaks protector keeping baby and bed dry
  • Layer of cotton on the outside is the ultimate comfort
  • Neutral Blue/grey colour called TURTLE DOVE is ideal for all genders

Not sure if this is the right product for you?  We have listed lots of detail below that will answer most of your questions. Keep scrolling for more information about this ideal sleeping product.


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The international award-winning Go Go Bag® is a 100% natural baby sleep bag made from pure merino wool inside with the finest organic cotton outer BY MERINO KIDS

The Go Go Bag is the world’s number one 100% natural sleep bag and is available in two sizes: Baby (NB-2yrs) and Toddler (2-4yrs)

The Merino Kids™ Go Go Bag™ is the Number 1 recommended 100% natural sleeping bag in New Zealand and Australia for good reason. It will keep your baby snug, the wool layer gives some waterproofing for any leaks which means you are not changing sheets in the middle of the night and most importantly, your baby can kick away until their heart is content, there are no covers to kick off and wake them up for being cold. Wool has also been proven to improve sleep which can only be a good thing when it comes to babies. This is why you always see Wool Under lays for beds, its a sleep tool as well as comfort and water proofing.

The Go Go Bag comes in this gorgeous Light blue/grey stripe – a colour they call Turtle Dove.

Choose from Two Sizes
Size: Baby (0-2yrs) and Toddler (2-4yrs)
Lining: 100% superfine merino lining to regulate your baby’s temperature
Outer: 100% organic cotton
Temperature Range: 18 and 30°C which means the wool assists a baby adjust temperature without over heating or over cooling like synthetic fabrics would.

The Merino Wool Go Go Bag is a great gift for a precious newborn in your life. It really will make a big difference to bed time and will become a treasured, practical item.

The Size 0 – 2yrs is helpful as you get a really long life out of this sleeping bag.  There are snaps where you can adjust the size under the arm pit and the long bag can be folded in half when a baby is just a newborn so the “tail” is not so long.

Innovative safety belt aperture for use in car seats and strollers. Perfect for travelling. You won’t need to pack extra clothes and blankets for the trip.

Merino Kids from New Zealand use 100% natural fibres – superfine Merino wool on the inside and 100% organic cotton on the outside (for durability).

Merino is superfine, luxuriously SOFT, LIGHT, non-itchy and hypoallergenic, helping kids with sensitive skin & eczema problems. Its ability to readily release moisture means NO CLAMMINESS next to the skin, creating a perfect micro-climate around the body.

The material also retains LESS ODOUR and nasty smells, reducing the need for frequent washing, and kinder on the Go Go Bag™ and the environment. When washing is required, it is machine washable on a wool cycle only, maximum 30°C. We also recommend using a non-bio detergent. Hang dry.

LOW FIRE RISK. Wool is the least flammable of fibres, and the safest to have next to your body. It is naturally self-extinguishing and, unlike synthetics, it won’t melt and stick to your skin. The Go Go Bag™ has passed rigorous fire safety testing.

There is simply nothing better for your baby to sleep in than Merino Wool. When parents discover it, they just don’t go back! We also provide bodysuits and baby wraps in Merino wool which you can view here. The quality is outstanding and this sleeping bag will happily be used for more than one child. Crafted by master tailors from luxuriously soft Superfine Merino wool. 100% natural, itch-free and allergy-safe. Organic cotton outer layer for extra durability. Fits babies 0-2 years safely and comfortably. The Innovative safety belt feature also makes it easy to transfer sleeping baby between car seat, stroller and nursery to maintain sleep routine. We just LOVE!!!!! this product and know you will to.

*Prevents your baby from waking after wriggling out of their blankets.
*Keeps your baby at a safe and comfortable temperature throughout the night which means you can use merino all year round with out the risk of overheating.
*Merino regulates temperature by removing heat and moisture away from the body and in cool conditions (between four and six in the morning) it insulates.
*The standard weight merino Go Go Bag™ is recommended for use in room temperatures between 18-27ºC.
*Babies associate the bag with sleep so will settle more easily in unfamiliar surroundings.
*Safely used by children with allergies, eczema and sensitive skin.
*We only use natural fibres, superfine merino and 100% cotton.
*Low Fire Risk – passed rigorous fire safety testing.
The Merino Wool Baby Sleeping Bag can move with you throughout the day due to the unique vent function so that you can simply transfer from car seat to stroller or into your baby’s cot or bed.

The Standard Weight Go Go Bag™ has the following composition:
One layer 100% superfine Merino (200gsm) – lining
One layer organic Indian cotton (200gsm) – outer
Designed for room temperatures between 18 and 30°C (64-86°F) | tog range: 0.5 to 1.7
Ideal for year round use, on holidays, in cars and sleep both night and day. Adjust clothing layers to suit bedroom temperature.

Do I need Standard or Duvet Weight?
Duvet Winter Weight is for cold climates. If you have short winters, it may be best to choose standard weight for all year round and supplement baby’s sleep with warm organic or merion wool clothing. Duvet is a much heavier weight as well as warmer and is suited to very cold climates.

What Size should I choose?
If your baby is 18mths or older, or very tall and this is your first sleeping bag purchase, you may be best purchasing the larger size.

Once you have chosen your baby sleeping bag, we highly recommend some onesies and baby bodysuits made from either Merino Wool or Organic Cotton and you can view them all here.

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  1. Tracey

    The go go bag is the best one i have owned not only did it last both of my girls. It enables them to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. Allows for absorption so allows them to sleep better snd not wake up from wet clothes or bedding. So soft on their skin. All round great product.

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