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Reduce Your Toxic Load

Autumn is here and with it comes a great time to do some autumn cleansing. Here are some sure-fire ways to reduce your toxic load for your family and for our planet.

What are we waiting for?

These days our bodies are overloaded with toxins as they are being thrown at us from every angle – in the food we eat, the air we breathe, the products we use on our skin, for our family and in our home. We can’t be perfect all the time so here are some easy solutions to the toxic burden.


Avoid processed foods. Our bodies need and understand whole foods, not refined and processed ones. Pesticides on fruit and vegetables can be partially removed by soaking them in a bentonite clay bath, which attracts and absorbs some of the toxins used in conventional agriculture. Also, apple cider vinegar works as a fruit and veg wash.


Consumption of alcohol is extremely taxing on the liver as the liver needs to work overtime in order to process the toxins. It is not just the liver that suffers however, alcohol can affect personal behaviour and mood, digestive function, skin quality, cognitive function and absorption of nutrients from our food.

Personal Care Products.

That’s where we can help! Check out our range here. From personal care to baby care and eco-living products we have you covered.

Household Cleaning Products.

Look at the material safety data sheets (MSDS) on the products you use to clean your bathroom, kitchen and living spaces. Ditch any that are damaging. Seek out and use non-toxic cleaning solutions like our range or simple solutions like eucalyptus oil and white vinegar.

Clean Up Your Air.

Have lots of plants in your living environment. Ensure your house gets fresh air daily. Ideally, if you live in the city, go to a nature reserve to indulge in some fresh air. Avoid all products that list ‘fragrance’ on them as these are totally unregulated.

Source The Purest Water You Can Find.

Water is a major ally during a cleanse and in everyday day life. Every process in the body takes place in a water environment, so ensuring this is continuously refreshed is vitally important, even more so during a detox. Choose what water works for you, whether it be filtered, spring or distilled and add some lemon or lime for a further alkalising effect.

Tune Within.

Tune in to your internal commentary and become aware of any toxic criticisms or reproaches you may be generating, either towards yourself or others. Nip them in the bud and express them with a healthier, constructive voice. Clearing these can create uncluttered spaciousness. Find some affirmations that are powerful for you, and read them during times of stress or when you see fear overtaking love.

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