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What is Aware Parenting?

Parents drawn to Aware Parenting are attracted to the idea of listening to their baby’s feelings. They believe that holding and being ‘present’ when their baby cries allows a baby to be fully heard and accepted. Parents who practise this report great healing, joy and many other benefits from viewing crying in this way.

If you believe that children and babies cry because there may be sadness, grief, confusion and frustration that needs to be ‘heard’, then the journey of aware parenting will be a very fulfilling one for you. Aware parents believe that if we can accept all of a child’s feelings, and allow and teach children to be present with their feelings, children will not repress feelings via habitual behaviors or physical discipline. Do you believe you can help your children to stay connected to their true essence through being unconditionally loved?

Next time your baby or child cries, hold them in your arms, or sit next to them, and just be. Do not be distracted but find a way to be fully with your child and hear them. Once the crying if finished, notice your child’s behavior. Notice how you feel? When babies and children regularly laugh or cry to express their feelings, a great sense of emotional safety is created for painful feelings to be expressed. Families will notice more connection and will experience joy in seeing children heal from fear and powerlessness. So healing happens all round.

Aware parenting is not just about crying! It is about laughter, valuing everyone’s needs and finding ways for everyone to get their needs met. The more you value yourself, the more you can contribute joy and laughter and fun to your family.

Marion Badenoch Rose from Parenting with Presence says:

“Babies and children who are not given the opportunity to express their painful feelings with loving support may seem contented but tend to express less joy than babies who have been loved and supported in their painful feelings. Babies and children who are distracted from their uncomfortable feelings may smile less and may make less eye contact. On the other hand… when we play laughter games with our older babies and children, we also help create more safety for them to express their more uncomfortable feelings with us. Laughter and crying both get freely expressed and the paradox is, babies and children then become more present. They are more aware of what is going on in the here and now, are more available for connection, and are more able to take in new experiences and information.”

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Hello Dear Jannine

It has been a while since our workshops and I have not had a chance yet to thank you for all that you offered and presented. I had some health stuff come up immediately afterwards which was quite debilitating and only just now back on my feet (literally) and so able to connect back into the world and people (and computers).

Loved your workshops!
So, so, so appreciated the information, the products and the underlying message that was so evident in all that was presented and discussed.

As an expecting mum, this pregnancy for me has literally been the basis for me to rebirth my own self again along with my connection to life, simple truths that hold so strong in all of our hearts regardless of how far we may have strayed from them, and of course our connection to our beautiful planet. Having well researched products so readily available (and so affordable) as well as a gathering of like minded souls exploring them, made the leap from desire and imagination to real life participation so gracefully easy and so immediately possible.

The workshops provided an informative and experiential journey back into creating time, space, and earth connection for your own heart and that of your childrens’. Happiness and love abounds from that space…..for quite simply, we have made space for it to exist and flourish again.

On a more personal note, we got our order from ‘natures child’. John and I went through the big fat box of goodies immediately. It will be enough to get us started as I have a whole heap of cloth nappies already from my sister in law. Looks like we have to go half half with disposables for a while (:-() as we have a less than convenient ‘washing’ situation at the moment.

We also have our gorgeous little dolls from the ‘play’ workshop. John and I slept with them in our bed that night we were so in love with them and actually couldn’t be parted from them. The experience of making them truly broke down some old scars I had inside myself from my own first rather harsh encounters with school and the world outside my own childhood. For days after that workshop I reengaged with that amazing ethereal type plane that we have as tiny children, where experience is subtle and soft and quiet, where things and experiences do not need names or positions or answers and we are simply held in the hands of what feels like giant angels. Jannine it was so beautiful!

Anyhow, this has been a rather long email, but rather overdue. I don’t use any social media so could not post anything for you, but please feel free to use anything I have just written if it would help your pages.

Thankyou again for the beautiful experiences and your own dedication and representation of what you so strongly believe in. I am sure there will be a few more orders from us soon.

XX Bronwyn and John