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12 Conscious Christmas Gift Ideas – Would you like Less Waste with that?

Unique Christmas Gifts

Looking for a Unique Christmas Gift?

It is easier than ever to have a Conscious Christmas with Ethical Gifts and Gift Ideas for the Eco Conscious!

How about some Self Love, Deep Connection, Precious Memories or a dash of Gratitude? Oh, and can I offer you Less Waste with that? It is easier than ever to have a Conscious Christmas with Ethical Gifts and Gift Ideas for the Eco Conscious!

We are entering that amazing time of year again when family gatherings around the Christmas Tree are a chance to create ritual and meaning with gift giving and sharing a meal together. Are you a tree and decorations family? Are you anti-christmas family? Whatever your values – you are creating culture and memories for your children around Christmas. Think about that for a second – because it’s too late when they are older to realise that was not the message you wanted them to have!

We all need more connection and less waste in this beautiful human life. How do we honour this and still have the joy of wrapping and giving gifts?

“We are the generation of parents raising conscious children in a world where words like plastic free, waste warrior, organic and sustainability are part of our daily lives” Jannine Barron – Nature’s Child

I was recently asked by a customer, why we stock a lot less products than we used to? My answer…”Because we don’t need more … we need less!”  I will explain that a little more.

We have learnt that overwhelm is the No.1 frustration of pregnant women shopping for baby on the internet. Using our 18 yrs experience – we prefer to offer you less options but select the the very safest, waste free, eco products that ensure you spend less and get the best. We look for products with less bells and whistles and less packaging. This results in ‘more’. More money in your pocket, more time with your kids, less shopping, less waste and more connection with the things that really are the most important in this world.

Our business mission at Nature’s Child has always been to contribute to this world by helping parents live simply and with less waste but still shop effortlessly for the essentials when needed. We do all the hard work with our suppliers ensuring toxin free ingredients, certified organic and waste free packaging. So you can just grab it all conveniently

Christmas is potentially the most wasteful season if we take off our conscious cap.  So keeping on our ethical mood, here are some ideas abouat how you can enjoy the silly season without taking away the joy of giving this Christmas or any time a new baby is born all year round.

Here are our top products that are delightful, heart opening, practical and fun. They are a joy to open and a joy to use and most importantly, they are appreciated all year around. We like to say that our products are not the ones that get the most squeals on Christmas Day, our products are the ones that are appreciated all year and half way through the year, your receiver will come back to you over and over to thank  you for your thoughtful and precious that gift that is still being used!

The seminal film by Annie Leonard  “The Story of Stuff” put everything into perspective for me over a decade ago. If you have not seen it yet, search it on You tube and sit back with a cup of tea for 18 mind expanding minutes.  She show us that of all the materials flowing through the consumer economy, only 1% remain in use six months after sale. Even the goods we might have expected to hold onto are soon condemned to destruction through either planned obsolescence (breaking quickly) or perceived obsolesence (becoming unfashionable). You can learn more here

As George Monbiot said in his 2012 Article “The Gift of Death”

There’s nothing they need, nothing they don’t own already, nothing they even want. So you buy them a solar-powered waving queen; a belly button brush; a silver-plated ice cream tub holder; a “hilarious” inflatable zimmer frame; a confection of plastic and electronics called Terry the Swearing Turtle”, ; a Darth Vader talking piggy bank; an ear-shaped i-phone case; an individual beer can chiller; an electronic wine breather; a sonic screwdriver remote control; bacon toothpaste; a dancing dog. no one is expected to use them, or even look at them, after Christmas Day. They are designed to elicit thanks, perhaps a snigger or two, and then be thrown away.

They seem amusing on the first day of Christmas, daft on the second, embarrassing on the third. By the twelfth they’re in landfill. For thirty seconds of dubious entertainment, or a hedonic stimulus that lasts no longer than a nicotine hit, we commission the use of materials whose impacts will ramify for generations. “

So what can you get this Christmas with all this in mind?

Here are my Top 12 Ethical Christmas Gift Ideas from Nature’s Child.

With free shipping over $99 – it’s a no waste win/win!

  1. 2019 Gratitude Diary/Journal – I have been using this diary since it was first published 6 yrs ago. Created in Byron Bay – it is a truly special diary that feels gorgeous from the moment you touch the cloth like cover with imagery and prompts to keep positivity and gratitude a daily practice, while scheduling the stuff to do!
  2. Nature’s Child Organic Baby Skincare Gift Box  The very best of our Certified Organic Range for a baby from 0 – 3yrs including our world famous Bottom Balm and talc free Baby Powder, Baby Massage Oil, Baby Wash and Wonder Balm. All Gluten Free, Certified Organic, Australian Made and Non Toxic made with Love!
  3. Self Love Kit – A stunning surprise of organic & natural adult skincare with a twist of self love, there is nothing on the market like this, who do you know that would appreciate this?
  4. Baby Book – This is non gender or family specific so it suits all rainbow and traditional families alike. Stunning Eco Look.
  5. Grandparents Memories Book – what a unique book with an Eco Look.
  6. Mothers Gift Pack with organic goodies for a mum to be or new mum. Get this one while pregnant as the Light  Discreet Breast Pads can be worn immediately to protect sensitive nipples. This introduces parents to be to the idea of Certified Organic, Waste Free, Reusable Products.
  7. Maud n Lil Gift Pack – one of the most stunning presentations in a quality box with organic cotton baby wraps, toys and more
  8. Organic Cotton Baby Towel with free baby wash – A hooded towel is essential to keep baby’s head warm for comfort and warmth after a bath. This limited offer FREE baby wash seals the deal for us!
  9. Bulk Buy Deals – If you are on a tight budget this is our top tip for the best value christmas gift ever! You can make both adult gifts and baby gifts with this idea. Are you ready? Grab our Deluxe Wipes Packet of 4 and make up your own little packs for people with a combination of a product from our bulk buy and some gorgeous organic cotton face washers for any age
  10. Classic Wooden Toys that will remind you of your own childhood made fair trade and from sustainable sources
  11. Pregnancy Journal – A mum to be will love you for this! I love looking back at my journal 21 yrs later and reading my thoughts as my baby approached the world. It’s one of my most precious things!
  1. Bath Toys – Made from Natural Rubber with no holes so no mould. Plastic Free Fun!

Visit our Website at more simple and beautiful choices.

I will finish in the words of George Monbiot again who said it beautifully

“Bake them a cake, write them a poem, give them a kiss, tell them a joke, but for god’s sake stop trashing the planet to tell someone you care. All it shows is that you don’t”



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