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Thank you Sheila Kitzinger

Sheila Kitzinger died calmly on April 11, 2015. It stopped me in my tracks when I heard the news. I felt complete love and gratitude for her. I still do. Today I honour you Sheila.

If you are pregnant, look up Sheila Kitzinger. I really don’t know what I would have done without her. As I huddled under the covers  in both my pregnancies, her book “The complete guide to pregnancy and childbirth” , along with Janet Balaskas “New Active Birth” were the two voices of clarity and support I could rely upon to help me in my pregnancies. This is pre-internet so I had to seek these ‘specialist’ books out. Sheila is American. Janet is English. From across the oceans, they were my voice of facts, support and reason and they allowed me to explore and trust myself in ways I could never have imagined. I had great births because of these women. I only got there because of them and my beautiful midwife KL. I had two stunning homebirth despite everyone else’s fears and worries. For me, it was the most trusting way to birth and Sheila you helped me get there. Not because you advocated it, your words got me their on my own.

So much of your work and support Sheila has been regurgitated by other authors and web writers . They do not reference you. If you are pregnant right now reading this, remember all this knowledge came revolutionaries like Sheila who paved the way for hew voices.

Standard ideas now were once radical. Sheila was just that beautiful voice of physical facts with a hint of trust yourself mamma.

As you explore pregnancy and baby sites on the internet, keep in mind the authors of the work. Find a voice you love and go explore just them. You can’t read everything, you would end up so confused. I wish you great love and support as you find the voice of your doula, your midwife and  your author who speaks to  you and your wishes for a beautiful birth.

Thank you Sheila for the grace and wisdom you brought to us birthing women and for your contribution to this earth. You never knew me, but I loved you and thank you again and again.

Jannine Barron
Nature’s Child

I urge you to explore her work

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