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Congratulations on the launch of the recent AUSTRALIAN NAPPY ASSOCIATION (ANA) last month. Known for their love of Cloth Nappies, the business women behind this launch are now officially the greatest Cloth Nappy Changers in Australia.

Look out for their members parading around in Orange Capes as The Cloth Nappy Crusaders at Baby Expo’s and in retail stores near you! Stop and say Hello when you see the orange badge of the ANA at an event or drop an email to any nappy website who are members! Here is the badge to look out for!

You can immediately benefit from the ANA by downloading lots of FREE resources such as the FACT SHEETS and their informative WEEKLY BLOGS.

If you know a local parent group, community organisation or sustainability officer at your local council who would be interested in purchasing a GET INTO CLOTH KIT to help educate your local community about cloth nappies, head on over the the ANA website to purchase the first of many awesome educational kits

Nature’s Child are proud to be founding members of the ANA and thank fellow members for the years of planning and service that led to its creation. You are the true Nappy Changers!

The ANA believes in supporting families through education and resources, the provision of cloth nappy services and products, and empowering families with the ability to save money through the use of cloth.

The ANA also values sustainability and the environment, advocating the use of reusable cloth nappies, and environmentally-friendly processes and products.

If you believe that we can Change the World, One Nappy at a time, recommend your friends and local baby shop owner to visit and join the ANA

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