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Vanuatu Ban Disposable Nappies

Vanuatu to ban nappies

Vanuatu is the first country in the world to ban the sale and use of disposable nappies from DEC 2020

The government argues it has no choice. In the words of Mike Masauvakalo, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

“Vanuatu is safeguarding its future. Eventually, plastics find their way into the water and the food chain and at the end of the day, the people of Vanuatu end up consuming [them]… It is a long road ahead. But knowing my country, we will work it out.”

Foreign Minister Ralph Regenvanu announced the ban at a conference in Port Vila this week, saying plastic cutlery, polystyrene cups, plastic drink stirrers and types of food packaging would also be outlawed.

He said research showed disposable diapers – or nappies as they are known outside North America – were the largest single item of household waste in the capital.

Congratulations to the Vanuatu government for taking the most positive and massive action on nappy waste.

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