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What do Climate Change and Organic Baby Products have in common?

“When I founded Nature’s Child 20 yrs ago,  the science was already clear that businesses needed to operate in a way that regenerated our environment and society. These are the values that Nature’s Child was built upon; organic farming, fair trade and conservation through commerce.” Jannine Barron, founder ,  Nature’s Child.

At first our goals were to be biodegradable and we still allowed some disposable items like nappy bags and nappy liners in our range then.

That has all changed as climate science has become clearer.

ZERO WASTE is the only option for our kids future.

In 2019, we discarded our final disposable product and became a completely reusable baby brand.  The result  is a baby range with every item you need in the first weeks ,months and year for caring for  you  and your baby. Breast Pads,  Nappies,  Nappy Wipes, Face Wipes, Basic Skincare.

The problem with a lot of zero waste we see in shops now is that they are not organic so there is still waste from chemical use but this is hidden behind the products. We have to see beyond packaging and into the ingredients and behind that, we have to see the farming” says Jannine  Barron, creator of Nature’s Child.

Nature’s Child proudly offers a very unique proposition to your customers, the climate concerned parents

✶ Certified Organic  ✶Quality  ✶Reusable  ✶Zero Waste

✶ We don’t know many baby companies ticking all these boxes and we are offering this full range to your store – do you?

Have a read of this  brilliant article which  explains how humanity and nature are not different. I reckon it sums things  up  pretty well and certainly supports the thinking of the creators and shakers behind the  Nature’s Child Story.

Children and our Earth


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